EWheelMotion Best Off Compilation 2015-2016

Everybody who likes electric unicycles should watch there

EWheelMotion Best Off Compilation 2015-2016

ewheelmotion de is a shop based in Berlin.What separates them from other electric unicycles shops is the fact that they ride totally PRO and they’ve got euc skills that are far beyond average. Videos that are made by ewheelmotion shows what can be done with electric unicycles and what are the limits. Favourite electric unicycle seems to be Ninebot ONE that is featured almost in all videos. We couldn’t help ourselves not to share their latest video ( compilation of best euc moments)

EWheelMotion Best Off Compilation 2015-2016

If you are in Berlin, or any other German town, do check out their store and webshop at ewheelmotion

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