Extreme Bull COMMANDER EUC- The most expensive electric unicycle yet

extreme bull commander

We were waiting for more information about 3000 W EUC Extreme Bull COMMANDER, and few days ago all was revealed thanks to our partner e-RIDES that sponsored a video from this YouTuber who got his hands on this electric unicycle!

UPDATE 10.10.2021 – e-Rides has EXTREME BULL COMMANDER Ride review

Electric Dreams channel explains the relation between Gotway or Begode with Extreme Bull COMMANDER, and we are sure many of you guys will be surprised! It turns out that Extreme Bull is a totally new company with some electronics shared between Begode and themselves! Hm…. We just have to wait and see. The technical information has been shared before, but lets repeat:

The COMMANDER is the first electric unicycle from Extreme Bull.


  • 3000w motor
  • 100V
  • 3600wh Battery
  • Speed Variant up to 60 MPH

If you are interested in all info about this wheel, just go back to Electric Dreams VIDEO again, and if money is no problem e-RIDES has the solution for this on this link!

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