Gotway MSuper X and new Gotway MCM5 announced

Gotway electric unicycles have announced their two new models. Gotway Msuper x is the second version of their popular msuper model. MCM5 is Gotways small, but powerful electric unicycle. What is exactly happening? Why more power and more range? It all started when biggest electric vehicle companies in electric unicycle world like NINEBOT and Inmotion announced models like Ninebot ONE Z and Inmotion V10. Both of these models can go 40 Km/h and beyond that speed. This is when smaller companies that were already making electric unicycles ( Gotway, Rockwheel ) that can reach those speeds decided to really push the specs even further than the Giants of these industries. Law around EUCs in the world is a grey zone.

And practically all this models are in that grey zone. But when market decided to ignore this, and the biggest companies did the same..why wouldn’t the smaller companies show that they are fearless?

84V Gotway Msuper X

This electric unicycle packs alot of power 2 Kw motor and a large mount of batteires. All the specs are on the picture

gotway msuper x electric unicycle

gotway msuper x electric unicycle

gotway msuper x electric unicycle

gotway msuper x specs

Gotway MCM5

1500 watt motor, No load speed 56 km/h. Technical details are at the end of article

gotway mcm5 @night

Objavljuje GotWay u 4. travnja 2018

gotway mcm5

Objavljuje GotWay4. travnja 2018

gotway mcm5

Objavljuje GotWay u 6. ožujka 2018


Official Gotway Website

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