Hovershoes are the Amazing New 2018 Product from Inmotion

Hovershoes are the new amazing product by Inmotion company! While we cannot confirm this for sure, but it is the only logical conclusion based on the image you will see below.

The Inmotion company realised this images during the INMOTION NEW PRODUCT RELEASE CONFERENCE 2018

The Inmotion company doesn’t stop to surprise us each day with new high-quality products like Inmotion v10, Inmotion V10f, Inmotion SCV, Inmotion P2, Inmotion P2f, Inmotion d2, Inmotion L8, Inmotion L8F and so on. F models are usually bigger battery and power models, while those without F are standard models without extended range or speed.

Image from Inmotion live stream

Inmotion Hovershoes!

Inmotion Hover-shoes will be a market game changer. Those 2 hoverboard “shoes” are as small as iPhone box. You can carry 2 iPhone boxes anywhere, unlike traditional 10 -12 kg electric hoverboards. The Hovershoes are small enough to take it to the plane based on the pictures! We need to wait for official information and see where this new product takes us.

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Wheels look like 3,5 inch wheels, and probably the battery is around 50 watt hours in each shoe!

Months ago Inmotion company gave a hint about Hovershoes on this image. Now it is pretty clear what this is.

Hovershoes Hint !


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Disclaimer notice: None of this information was confirmed by Inmotion company yet. The name HOVERSHOES is not yet confirmed.

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