Inmotion V10F Introduction video

We ‘ve been waiting for a monster Inmotion V10 F electric unicycle for some time now. When we took a ride on V8 model for the first time, we wanted Inmotion to heat up with the existing high-speed EUC market and make 40 Km/h electric unicycle their way, with their design & drive solutions.

inmotion v10f
Do not leave your Inmotion V10F without security!

Our wishes came true when Inmotion company released 16-inch electric unicycle: V10 / V10F model with 2000 watt power electric motor a couple of months ago. It is everything we wanted in the electric unicycle.

The design is simmilair to Glide model, and V8 model. But that is a good thing, since the model is now perfected in every way. This unicycle still looks like it came from the Alien ship from the future!

inmotion v10f
“when alien chick brings you the new V10 model, and you take her picture”

Larger pedals, incredibly fast learning curve. We actually gave a rookie the wheel and filmed his drive after first 3 hours of learning. We will talk about how much it takes for a non-electric unicycle user to learn Inmotion V10F, torq-speed relationship, and we will be debunking some of the usual comments on V10 in the article this Thursday.

inmotion v10f

There are no compromises on this electric unicycle, meaning the build quality is awesome, speed and range are just fantastic. We get 70 Km/h per ride, and we were so impressed with torq that we decided to postpone the review so that we have more time to explain torq / speed relationship in the upcoming article

We even made our version of Inmotion V10 fan commercial on Youtube, before the regular review!

INMOTION V10 / V10F Evnerds VIDEO Introduction

So, please watch it and give a like if you think our INTRO / COMMERCIAL for Inmotion V10 is cool!
Our 2 next videos will be Online on YOUTUBE on Thursday together with the detailed article on everything you ever wanted to know about Inmotion V10, V10 F

If you are in the USA and wish to buy V10, check out eWheels! and Inmotion USA

Inmotion V10 and v10F specifications

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