JYROBALL electric unicycle is the next big thing!

Electric Unicycles are at the peak of their popularity and Jyroball timed their Indiegogo campaign perfectly. Hard EUC riders like us were waiting for “secondary” electric unicycle that can fit inside the bag, that doesn’t take much space or weights too much.Take a look at the Jyroball EUC VIDEO filmed in New York and tell us what you think!

Jyroball Ride Video


With 9 kg, 18 Km/h speed, 20 Km/h tilt-back and 500-watt motor; we can go places where we wouldn’t normally take 15-24 Kg EUCs like Inmotion V10 or Ninebot ONE Z.

jyroball-electric-unicycle500-watt-motor Electric unicycle first-timers will be happy to learn electric unicycle balancing with Jyroball wider tire that makes it easier to learn left and right-leaning and turning.

Jyroball shape makes it easy to learn unicycling
Jyroball tire shape makes it easy to learn mastering EUCs

Younger riders will appreciate the easy learning curve, and older riders will see Jyroball as an addition to existing EUC.

This product is also the first EUC product that will possibly take over the Kids market generally reserved for hoverboard and hover shoes. Hoverboards don’t have the maneuverability of Jyroball, and hover-shoes can only be driven on super smooth terrain like shopping malls. Big EUCs look intimidating to parents and Jyroball just screams: “It ain’t that hard, i can teach my kids to drive this”

Jyroball Indiegogo campaign

Jyroball company text sent to EvNerds reveals more price and product specifications


JYROBALL is an all new personal electric transporter, a super fun way to get around. A new approach to electric rideables and we think the most exciting yet!

electric unicycle imageOPTIMAL CENTER OF GRAVITY

We have distilled self-balancing mobility into it’s most functional form. Achieved improved dynamic-stability, manoeuvrability and a compact and convenient form that offers a unique and exciting all new electric ride experience.

Lean in to control your speed and direction and our self-balancing software will do the rest, transporting you at speeds of 20km over a 24km range.

speed-jyroballOur self-balancing technology makes JYROBALL super easy to learn and ride. JYROBALL is the latest in personal micro mobility and perfect for exciting short distance rides.

JYROBALL’s replaceable tire is made from a durable rubber composite, suitable for indoor and urban travel alike, providing rider stability, comfort and control.

Jyroball tech specifications

We are launching on Indiegogo very soon, but you can sign up now for an early bird discount when we launch, with up to 64% off for earliest backers.

Super early birds will be able to buy Jyroball for only 359 USD, and early birds for 395 USD. Regular Jyroball price will be 899 USD. Go to Indiegogo and sign up for UPDATES if you are the future owner of this mighty EUC!

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