Kiwano K01 and Sherpa

Kiwano K01 is nothing compared to Sherpa

Kiwano Ko1 Origin is Sherpa

We found out that before Kiwano Ko1 came very similar product that was not commercially available as it was in a test phase by a famous EUC product tester, maker and Electrical Engineer Mr. Joey Serrin.

Just look at the picture, ain’t this extreme bitchin testing garage? Can u Spot something similar to Kiwano Ko1 ? No ? Continue to read

Finally organized. Used wheels available

Posted by All Day Wheel on 25. srpnja 2017

When we see wonderfull products like Kiwano, we often think about the origin of the products. We mistake product awesomeness for its originality. We were aware that kiwano ko1 came after popular Hoverboards and classic EUCs like Airwheel and Ninebot, Onewheel skateboards. But we didn’t know until recently about SHERPA

Joey Serrin has the invaluable impact on EUC society on internet social networks with his custom made Electric unicycles and an EUC called SHERPA. We think SHERPA had the biggest influence on Kiwano ko1 design and engineering. And that was polite speech. If we weren’t polite, we would say Kiwano is a copy

This is Kiwano ko1

Kiwano KO1 Scooter is guaranteed to turn heads, spark up a conversation! ??

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This is SHERPA

Joey Serrin also made SHERPA for Golfers

Joey Serrin also has an online shop for EUCs in Santa Barbara ( California ) – All Day Wheel

If u are in USA and something breaks down, u are in luck, just check him out. His facebook page is here

More on Joey Serrin

What do u Think…. SHERPA or Kiwano ?

What do you think?


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