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Kiwano KO1 electric unicycle is a big deal

Kiwano KO1 electric unicycle is a big deal with its suspension design and easier learn curve

Whether u are already in EUC (ELECTRIC UNICYCLE ) world or not , Kiwano KO1 electric unicycle is pure innovation

WHY ? Because its the first EUC with shock absorb system like u can see at picture bellow


Because of tire design- very WIDE tire – its going to be much easier for beginners to learn how to lean on electric unicycle. We are only shocked with price that retails for about 800 usd or more depending on accessories u choose

BUT ! This thing has a kickstand. Belive it or not, none of the EUC have a kickstand 🙂 Oh yeah, and it can balance itself. U can walk near your EUC and drive it with your Android phone.

Anways we love it


You are in love with the machine ? We know how that feels like. U can order it here



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