Kiwano Ko1 one wheel electric unicycle might have some sale problems

Selling Kiwano Ko1 is going to be a problem if this thing goes to market

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Yesterday we have published a story about Joey Serrin

Today we have a new ending. While we suspect that Kiwano Ko1 borrowed some of the features and design from SHERPA; Today same destiny faces Kiwano Ko1

Not laughing about it really. We are not, come on. Kiwano Ko1 base price is 799 USD

Would u like to buy it for less, say for around …350 USD?

Of course, Kiwano Ko1 isn’t SHERPA, and This new Kiwano Ko1 copy isn’t Kiwano

Is it good, is it bad? We don’t know; but it aint SHERPA either

We do have some videos to show u guys, so u be the judges

It’s a knock off, without suspension that actually is not needed for this wheel to work well. We Like more SHERPA because it does not use the stick design.

The information here and information on video is from an unconfirmed source.



What do you think?


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