Bel&Bel company from Barcelona created this electric monowheel ( electric unicycle ) using creative re-cycling or up-cycling, processes in which the concept of the three R’s ( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are present, but with a further implementation of modern technology and renewable energies. The company is influenced by great Italian vintage scooter designs.

Their MONOWHEEL Z-ONE looks is a one-wheeled Retro Steam-Punk Vespa. We find it cool and rideable! The leather seat, original styling, front light, and shiny chrome are just a few details that you notice at first

Alibaba electric unicycle
Alibaba Electric Unicycle that was probably used for this conversion

Under the Vespa re-designed parts that fit the scooter, is a big electric unicycle that can be found on Alibaba. There are many big wheel scooters on Alibaba but none of them look original as this one!


The story does not end here. Bel&Bel also designed a segway version of Vespa inspired scooter. We like the one wheel version more, but the Z-scooter has also a nice details on wheels. The wheel guards are stylish and retro too.


electric unicycle monowheel


Both of these products are for sale on Bel&Bel website, so check them out here.

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