New Ninebot Electric Unicycle spy shots

HOT rumors about new NineBot electric unicycle and spy shots

New Ninebot Segway Electric Unicycle revealed on spy photos

U all know about Ninebot S2 and Ninebot c models.There is a new Ninebot electric unicycle on the way, and on first look, it’s very cool.

Guys on the Hong Kong electric unicycle facebook group just revealed new Spy shots of what apparently is the new Ninebot One or Segway S.12. But whatever it is Ninebot is the owner of Segway now.

We are so excited, never did we see before this fat tire on electric unicycle that seems to be moto standard with good tyre ribs on it

It seems to us that it is 16 inch wheels  with awesome fattire we have all been waiting for somebody to make it.

Iconic Batman is on the frontpage, and it looks awesome with the fat tire underneath the Batman character

Other shots reveal the design and geometry of the plastic battery covers with dual coloring.

The lights details are amazing

ninebot s12

New Ninebot Electric unicycle S.12 with removable handlebar

ninebot s12

New Ninebot Electric unicycle S.12 fender design view

ninebot s12

Some say it will go as fast as 60km/h and that the price will be 1800 USD. But still, these are very exciting times for electric unicycles. Never did this world look so awesome.

Remember, info is from unconfirmed source

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