Ninebot ONE Z models and Ninebot No.9 at Beijing Segway store

Ninebot ONE Z models and Ninebot No.9 electric scooter information

Last year on August 12, China’s first Segway flagship store in Beijing Center officially opened.

segway no9

We finally know where Ninebot released information about their new products

August 12 this year, Ninebot officially released a new Ninebot No.9 electric standing scooters and the main off-road level Ninebot One Z series of electric unicycles in the same place where they opened a flagship store.

They call 12.8 the Segway day. It is spelled 8.12 because thats how u write calendar dates in China. First month, then day

segway day 12.8

Ninebot No.9 Electric scooters will be launched standard and sports version priced at 1799 yuan (around 269 USD) and 2499 yuan (around 375 USD). At present, the standard version of the Ninebot standing electric scooter sales has officially started in the Jingdong Mall pre-sale.

No international sales announced just yet.

Although the No. 9 electric scooter is Ninebot’s first electric scooter, Ninebot has accumulated lots of experience. The appearance of the No. 9 electric scooter whole body without all components hidden in design and other details, makes the 9 electric scooters more simple and beautiful. 11KG net weight with a key folding design, easy to install open.

Ninebot No.9 new Electric Kickscooter


The No. 9 electric scooter speed is 25KM, the standard version of the highest speed 20KM / h, sports version of the highest speed 25KM / h.


For both versions you can buy the expansion of the battery (price 799 yuan) to increase 5KM / H maximum speed and 20KM battery life. Brakes and shock absorption use electronic, mechanical double brake, you can do the braking distance in less than 4 meters. Standard Edition comes with the spring shock and inflatable tires and sports version with spring shock in rear wheel. Specially designed LED digital dashboard; sports version of the chassis is equipped with bright LED atmosphere lights and lighting effects. For those who have not tried electric scooters, NO. 9 electric scooter is definitely worthy of attention.




Ninebot ONE Z pictures from Bejing reveal

Specifications and info is here

We can’t wait for these things to come to stores. This is by far the best product line we have seen

With this product, Ninebot is going to wipe out many small companies.

It is a precedent for a company like Ninebot to enter high-speed territory over 40 km/h with EUCs and speed over 25 Km/h with electric scooters

Check out other realised information here

Pictures and information is taken from Ninebot and here

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