NINEBOT Z10 Production version Reviews

We already know many details about the NINEBOT Z10 Preproduction Reviews thanks to Kaifu Cheng, Citi Wheel, Tishawn Fahie. Best ever pre-production NINEBOT Z10 review was made ofcourse by Tishawn Fahie in New York (At the end of the article, check out the Ninebot Z10 PRE-PREODUCTION video by Tishawn Fahie)

Production version of NINEBOT ONE Z10 differs in firmware ( balance and speed settings are adjusted differently )

You are all probably aware that in this great community of electric unicycle enthusiasts we have awesome informative forum that we all love and two very good Facebook pages:

  1. Electric Unicycle dot org EUC
  2. Electric Unicycle Guy

One of the moderators on Electric Unicycle dot Org EUC facebook group is Marty Backe. He has his own Youtube page where he tests and rides newest electric unicycles.This is what Marty says about his channel:

I’m an Electric Unicycle enthusiast. Somehow they have taken over my life 🙂 Here you’ll find ride videos, equipment reviews, repair videos, and anything else related to the most fun transportation device ever created. – Marty Backe

Marty Backe is one of those guys that tried most of the high speed wheels, so you can fully trust his NINEBOT ONE Z10 review where he takes this electric unicycle wheel on hard climb test, and long distance rides.

Marty’s Ninebot Z10 Production Version Mountain Stress Test

A day after getting my personal production Ninebot Z10, I took it back to my mountain testing grounds (where the pre-production Z10 failed multiples times) to see if it truly has 1/3rd more power and runs cooler.- Marty Backe

Marty’s Production Ninebot Z10 Long Range Test

Afeez Kay and Simon Vans Colina talk about Ninebot Z10 learning curve and Tesla EUC  comparison

Youtube EUC lover Afeez Kay interviews Simon Vans Colina

Simon Vans Colina first impressions

Simon Vans Colina Talks Z10 Carving

We love Z10, but if you get violent behavior like on this video, don’t ride it

PRE-PRODUCTION video Review by Tishawn Fahie

We are not going to comment on videos. You can see that all the videos are positive. What we do ask of Ninebot is to recheck their firmware and take some time adjusting the torque, balance and speed levels for downhill setup mentioned by Marty

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