Should you buy Segway W1, Inmotion and Koowheel X1 or any other Hovershoes?

Segway, Inmotion and Koowheel Hovershoes are a trendy new rival to popular Hoverboards. We wrote about Koowheel hovershoes specs here. Before you buy them, we want to show you the best trustworthy reviews we found to be correct and at the point.

We have this piece of tech here, and we can tell you this:

KOOWHEEL AND INMOTION HOVERSHOES X1 ARE PURE QUALITY PRODUCT: STRONG AND RELIABLE. We tested hovershoes with 100 kg riders and legs on one or both hovershoes, and those little motors worked like a charm. The max speed mentioned is about 7 Mph or 12 Kmh. Each motors power is 250 Watt. Each battery is 54 Wh, and that should be enough for 7 Km ride.

What we do not like: The thickness of EVA rubber – Tire around the motor is very small. There is no extra suspensions system. This alone makes it impossible to drive over terrain that has small stones for a longer period of time. You can drive over small stones, but you will feel the smallest bumps on the road because the Hovershoes engineering did not leave a place for fat tire or air tire. Extra freedom of possibility to move your legs around, unlike hoverboards, came with the price of being able to ride and have fun only on places like Shopping malls and other places where a riding surface is almost perfectly straight without dirt or stones.

Hovershoes are in our opinion a product for kids and for clean and straight surface riding.

Take a look at Koowheel X1 review from Kaifu – Taiwan

Casey Neitstat review of Segway W1 hovershoes

Segway W1 vs. Inmotion Koowheel X1 hovershoes

Another great review and comparison of Segway W1 and Koowheel X1 by Kaifu and his team. Turn on English subs.

This 3 reviews alone are enough for anyone interested in Hovershoes to decide if they want them or not. We look forward to second Hovershoes generation with larger tires and possibly air tires. Until then, we are sticking to Inmotion V10F electric unicycle.

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