V11 is Inmotion newest 50 Km/h electric unicycle with 70 mm suspension

All right you guys, let us see what rumors got right, and what they got wrong

V11 electric unicycle from Inmotion was revealed today on YouTube. Now that we have the full picture, we are very excited. Having a larger 18 inch wheel, means more heat and cooling, need for faster charging, more powerful motor and wider wheels.

Inmotion V11 has all this packed together with AIR-SPRING SUSPENSION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inmotion V11 technical specs and price

Inmotion CEO said that the retail price of the new Inmotion EUC is going to be 2,299.00 USD – Not bad at all!

UPDATE 06.04.2020. MYEWHEEL is offering preoders in Europe for V11

inmotion v11

V11 is an 18 inch 84v electric unicycle equipped with 3 inch tyre. This is 0,5 inch more than V10 has.

Inmotion listened to their customers suggestion and made pedals without rubber surface. The new surface has 20% more friction for more safety while riding.

The motor used in V11 has 50% more power: 3000 watt peak power. Considering its large diameter, it also has probably around 30% – 45% more toque than V10.

Every high power electric unicycle needs efficient cooling system. Inmotion combined 3 different ways to cool the electronics, the battery and the motor.

V11 can climb hills up to 35 degrees slope!

It seems Inmotion is quite happy with new automobile grade lights. They came out with 7800 LUX front headlight. There is a light performance comparison picture where you can see NIKOLA, 16X and V11. One of they guys put in comments on reveal video that there is a slight concern that electric unicycle riders will be even more hated by car drivers now since they are going to be “seen” much more! 

Padding is 3 times bigger than on V10F. V11 has a new handle as well, with a safety lift button.

V11 features 1420 Wh battery that can be charged in 5 hours or less. This is done with dual charging ports for dual chargers. Inmotion used this way of charging to prolong battery life, instead of just using one battery and fast rapid charging. Inside of the wheel there are two separate batteries; each having a 710 Wh. If one battery fails, the electric unicycle will still roll on, and it is a safety feature as well as faster charging feature. We are very happy with this design!

Oh yes, the best feature where Inmotion did not come out short is suspension. The new AIR-SPRING SUSPENSION has a 70 mm travel! It is just enough for dirt riding! It is built in the construction of electric unicycle shell so you cannot really see it from the outside.

Did we mention that there is a built-in stand?

EvNerds Opinon on V11

Electric unicycle riders have been more than welcoming to all electric unicycle brands: King Song, Gotway, Segway etc. Most of these brands have one feature that is better than in others. For example: Segway has the coolest wider wheel in the Z lineup, Gotway is known for big wheels and highest speed.

Inmotion has been conservative over the past years with speeds. They limited V10 line to 40 Km/h.

One of the reasons is that Inmotion has the biggest share of EUCs on the market so they cannot really afford to make a wheel with heating, software, hardware problems like some of the mentioned brands. That is why Inmotion gradually increases the specification off all their products. Since we use V10F without a single problem for the last 2 years, we can only say that this is the way to go.

Having a 50 Km/h wheel with suspension and a 1420 Wh battery is a dream that we cannot wait to try. Together with Inmotion quality and control, this product is going to be best buy for 2020. It also features a SUSPENSION DESIGN that none of the electric unciycles on the market have; so they have the FIRST MARKET MOVER ADVANTAGE right now. If you are asking yourself if we are too much of an Inmotion brand lovers and not objective; the simple answer is yes. Please share your opinions if you wish in comment section!

Stay safe while riding, there is still a COVID-19 out there!


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