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YouTuber John Dingley builds 3Kw electric unicycle!

John Dingley has been making electric unicycles for a long time, and his latest creation is a 3 Kw ELECTRIC UNICYCLE.

By day he is a consultant at Morriston Hospital, and by night an inventor – and now he’s hoping to inspire youngsters to get into computer programming and engineering with his Crazy cool creations.

This is the latest video:

Stunning machine, stunning beach, stunningly good day. April 2018. 3000W hubmotor self balancing monocycle finished and tested properly on a beach, filmed using decent cameras for a change. At no time in this video did we get beyond 20% of maximum power and yet it is still way faster than anything else we have built so far. The main speed limitation is fear. It is clearly capable of going much faster. Front safety skid/wheel combo will be redesigned at some point. It unbolts as a unit. There was no smoke machine being used here, the mist was rolling in off the sea. You can learn to ride it in 5 minutes, which will be subject of another video – XENON JOHN

It is interesting to see the components XenonJohn ( John Dingley ) used:

  1. Headway battery cells
  2. Qs 3kw 17 inch electric motor with Rim
  3. Kelly controller ( KLS6018S SINUSOIDAL BLDC CONTROLLER )
  4. Arduino and DAC CHIP ( to convert the pulse width modulated pulses (PWM) from Arduino to Kelly controller )
Headway battery pack

steel frame

All self-balancing components are in the HEADLIGHT

This certainly is not XenonJohns first EUC. He already built a dozen of self-balancing electric skateboards and electric unicycles before this one. His site and Youtube have all things documented.

All of his DIY electric vehicles that self-balance are on YOUTUBE  and on his WEBPAGE

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