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Aero electric motorcycle and other Electric bikes by Eve Dynamics

Follow up article on Eve Dynamics

aero electric motorcycle

Newest Eve Dynamics electric motorcycles and ebikes are covered in this article. Its a follow-up story from the last post

Eve Dynamics latest mid-drive electric motorcycle is AERO

Aero electric motorcycle feature incredible amount of small precise Aluminium 7075 pieces CNC-ed and assembled together to form this electric beast


Revolt motors ( good power to weight ration) are probably the heart of the bike. So we can only guess that Eve Dynamics used Revolt160 that has this specs

  • Operation voltage: 24V-96V
  • Continuous power/ Peak power: 8KW/ 15KW
  • Weight: 5Kg

This is not confirmed by Eve dynamics!

aluminium frame

The Aluminium electric motorcycle frame is made very precise and it looks pretty beefy, so we are sure it can take hard hits when driving on dirtbike track

eve cover design
eve cover design

The previous version of this electric motorcycle has a noticeable difference in battery cover design and small frame details


“We want to make electric mobility really fun and cool” say the designers from EVE. But not only that. Everything can be adapted to the wishes of the customer, whether for recreational or professional use. Rates start around 3000 € the frame alone ( NOT THIS SPECIFIC FRAME)

aero electric motorcycle
aero electric motorcycle

aero electric motorcycle
When you have to go, you have to go

We are very sorry that we do not have any other information on this project. Please check out and follow Eve Dynamics facebook for more information.

You would think that this is all. Think again! Eve Dynamics have also made this projects!

YCF PILOT electric dirtbike

Un petit aperçu des accélérations….. au magasin ?

Posted by Probike Tournai on 5. ožujka 2017

Dirt trike by EVE

E1 electric scooter

Please note that all information in this article is gathered from the internet and translated from French. None of the Vendors sites are functional right now, so we cant confirm any information here

If you missed the previous article on Benjamin Surain and Eve Dynamics, check it out here

Eve Dynamics webpage

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