Ahooga, rooted in the vibrant streets of Brussels, Belgium, is an ebike brand that’s been making waves with its vision to redefine urban mobility. The name “Ahooga” pays homage to the iconic sound of the classic Ford Model T car horn, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.

Ahooga folding ebike
Ahooga folding ebike

Among Ahooga‘s notable offerings is the award-winning Folding E-bike. However, today, we’re taking a closer look at their latest creation: the Urban ebike. Ahooga’s Urban ebike showcases their unwavering commitment to providing an urban riding experience that’s both low-maintenance and high-performance, all while offering tremendous value. Ahooga ebikes are made for EU, so do not expect more then 250W yet. Ahooga is expanding, and maybe in the future they will be on other continents. To truly appreciate these ebikes, one must explore the finer details, for it’s here that the magic truly unfolds!

ahooga urban ebike

Effortless Start

From the moment you lay your hands on the Urban bike, you’ll appreciate its ease of use. There’s no fussing over intricate assembly – it’s good to hit the road straight out of the box. Just align the handlebar using the unique twist-lock feature on the stem, and you’re set to roll.

Ami holding ahooga urban
Miss Ami with URBAN Ebike – EvNerds photography 2023.

Sleek, Purposeful Design

Awesome Silver Finish – EvNerds photography 2023.

The Urban boasts a modern, angular design and a high-quality grey metallic paint finish. One striking element is the substantial down tube, harmoniously complementing the top twin-tube design, giving the bike a robust and contemporary aesthetic. Featuring 26-inch wheels, this ebike strikes the perfect balance: it provides a comfortable ride while remaining compact enough for easy storage.

Impressive Hardware and Specs

The Urban comes equipped with wide Schwalbe Big Apple tires mounted on 26″ rims, seamlessly integrated into a sturdy aluminum 6061-T6 frame. When it comes to braking, Ahooga leaves no room for compromise, outfitting this E-bike with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and calipers.

Hub Motor + Belt Drive+ Torque Sensor

Urban has only 19 Kg
Urban has only 19 Kg

A standout feature is the belt drive system, providing a clean, low-maintenance alternative to conventional chains and derailleurs. For those who prefer a chain, Ahooga offers an option with a slim, fully-enclosed chain glider at a reduced price. If you can, get a belt drive version, it is worth it!

Thrilling Performance

Ami in Urban photo
Ami on Urban Ebike – EvNerds 2023.

Although the Urban is a single-speed bike, it doesn’t skimp on performance. With a robust 250W rear motor capable of delivering 60Nm of torque, it guarantees a smooth and powerful ride through city streets. In our video we wanted to show how easy you can use this ebike on “light” off-road terrain. We would advice you to buy hydraulic seat dropper if you plan doing the same rides as we did in the video!

Safety is paramount during urban adventures, and the Urban delivers with Knog Plus USB rechargeable front and rear lights, offering 40 and 20 lumens of illumination, respectively.

Those lights are very practical, but for really good street view, you will need extra front light.

Battery Power and Charging

The Urban comes equipped with a 300Wh Li-ion battery, granting a range of up to 55 kilometers on a single charge. For those seeking extended mileage, an optional 400Wh battery is available for an additional €200. Charging is a breeze, taking approximately 3 hours, and you have the flexibility to either remove the battery with a key or leave it in the bike. This specs are catalog specs. Our tested model had a 378Wh battery, and the real life range we got 3 times was 50-51 Km.

Intuitive Power Modes and Display

With five levels of power assist, you can tailor your ride to match your preferences. Accessible through an elegant OLED display, you can effortlessly monitor your speed, mileage, and battery level. The display’s placement on the handlebar is on the left side, and it is small efficient and minimalistic.

Space-Saving Innovation

Ahooga’s Urban bike incorporates a remarkable twist-lock mechanism, allowing you to pivot the handlebar, saving up to 60% of storage space. This innovation proves especially valuable for city dwellers grappling with limited storage options.

The Joy of Riding

Urban Streets with Urban – EvNerds 2023.

The Urban offers a solid and stable ride, thanks to its generous tires that adeptly handle uneven city terrain. Responsive and reliable hydraulic brakes guarantee your safety on the road. Coupled with a torque sensor that channels power to the rear wheel, the Urban delivers precise steering and controlled handling.

A Versatile Experience

EvNerds 2023.

One of the Urban’s unique advantages is its lightweight, comfortable design, making for an enjoyable ride even without electric assistance. While it is possible to drive it without electric motor, we found ourselves most happy imitating regular ebike, when the electric assistance was set to mode 1. This is because the ebike does not have gears, and in mode 1 you still need to push the bike, but it is not that hard on the start.

In Conclusion

Ahooga’s Urban E-bike is a well-conceived urban companion crafted by a brand deeply attuned to the needs of city riders. Its robust yet lightweight construction, combined with top-tier components and space-saving features, offers remarkable value for your investment. If you’re in the market for a dependable and high-performance E-bike to conquer city streets, the Ahooga Urban should unquestionably be at the top of your list.

Please check out Ahooga for more info on pricing and availability!

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