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Beautiful Vintage Ebikes and Scrambler 2.0 Ebike

We’ve seen a lot of antique and vintage frames in the Netherlands – a country where everybody speaks “bicycles”. Engineered by Teun Timmermans, these frames offer fresh and creative design approach to electric bicycle design while preserving the historic look.

Teun Timmermans
Teun Timmermans

Scrambler-style motorbikes are “HOT STUFF” right now. Teun just made second ebike version of Scrambler motorbike.

Scrambler V2 ebike

The Scrambler E-bike V2.0  instead of a petrol tank, has a battery and display.

This time the bike is also equipped with a Marzocchi Downhill fork and saddle suspension with an adjustable air damper.The Bafang electric motor can be adjusted from 250 watts to 750 watts.

Furthermore, the bike has 70mm Schwalbe tires, Gates Carbon Drive, TRP Disc brakes, 3 gears, Busch + Müller KG headlights and Supernova rear light.

The Scrambler V2.0 is for sale for € 4950 here

The Scrambler V1.0

Bafang mid motor with Gates belt

Scrambler eBike

gates belt drive
Rear Leds

This E-bike is inspired by a Scrambler motorcycle. Suspension, thick studs and a riser handlebar. The frame is originally a 30s transport bike. The bottom is reconstructed to make room for the engine and timing belt. The headlights and the saddle are also custom work. The ebike is built as 25km / h or 45 km / h version. This version is SOLD, so the price tag does not matter.

Teun Timmermans other Ebikes

Teun is building ebikes all his life.The Scrambler wasn’t his first Ebike adventure. Other honorable ebike builds are:

Simplex Ratrod

The basis of this Ratrod is a Simplex frame from the 1950s. The frame is marked by years of intensive use. The iron mica primer begins to be visible under the black lacquer.

The headlights and taillights have been converted to LED and work on the battery power supply.

The aluminum battery is custom work and equipped with charging plug.

Furthermore, the bicycle has this components:

Surly Bikes tires and rims
Gates Carbon Drive
3 speed gear hub
TRP disc brakes

The bike can be limited to 25 or 45 km / h

Price is € 4990 here

Desert Crosser

The basis of this bike is a Pendix GmbH electric drive. The Pendix system is the Apple among the E-bike drives! The system is completely made in Europe. To complete the picture, the bike is equipped with many beautiful technical details. A Marzocchi suspension fork with the milled arch. This milling work comes back in the Miche seatpost. The openwork structures also come back in the Tioga Spyder saddle, a saddle that barely gets wet and it’s almost unbreakable
Furthermore, the bike is equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive, TRP disc brakes, Elvedes Cable Systems B.V. floating rotors, SRAM Automatix 2 gear hub, Ergotec adjustable steering wheel, Supernova Lighting Systems, and a beautiful sand-colored powder coating.

Reduced price from € 3950 to € 3450


A Ratrod is an ebike that looks old, but technically perfect. The paint has still old patina and many other old parts that have been reused. For example, the bicycle has solid brakes combined with modern Sturmey Archer 90mm drum brakes. Parts from other vehicles have also been used. The headlight is a spotlight of a Mini and the rear light is a flashing light of an old Mercedes with an LED on it.

Furthermore, the bike is equipped with a 250 W mid-engine with torque sensor, a Gates Carbon Drive, aluminum wheels and seatpost, 3 gears and 60 mm tires. Its SOLD, so no pricetag

Boardtracker E-bike

Powerful E-bike in 1930s Boardtracker motorcycle style .

The petrol tank is the battery, the oil tank is the computer. A Bafang mid-motor is built in. The ebike is built around a 30-year old transport bicycle frame.

All cables are neatly concealed in copper pipes.


13 Ah battery
3 or 8 gears
90 mm powerful drum brakes
Brooks saddle and grips
Continental retro ride tires
Aluminum rims, handlebars, stem, and Seatpost
Stainless steel spokes and mudguards
Vintage headlight and rear light

Price € 2250

Thank you Teun Timmermans for making with love this wonderful vintage Ebikes. We invite all our readers to check out this engineers site here, or check him out on his FB page

De basis van de fiets is een Brits frame uit de jaren 30. De voordrager is origineel en geconstrueerd met lugs. De fiets…

Posted by Timmermans Fietsen on 11. lipnja 2017

En hier zijn de foto's! Deze E-bike is geïnspireerd op een Scrambler motorfiets. Vering, dikke noppenbanden en een riser…

Posted by Timmermans Fietsen on 7. srpnja 2016

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