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Bikee Bike midmotor conversion kit on Eurobike

999 watt Bikee Bike midmotor on Moto Parilla Carbon SUV

Bikee Bike at Eurobike 2017 featured on three awesome Ebikes

Bikee Bike at Eurobike – Friedrichshafen, Germany was available for tests in the demo area.

In this occasion, they have launched for the first time to the European riders, the latest version of their e-bike kit!

They came with the new controller that they developed during the last year and a half. The proprietary controller is produced and designed in Italy.

bikee bike

It’s the size of the stack of cards!

It is capable of 100 Amps of Phase current and in the “motor plus controller only” configuration, it can work with batteries from 36V to 72V. The controller has proprietary software, which can be easily customized to adapt the behavior of the motor to any specific needs.

electric motor display

Thanks to Bikee Bike mobile phone app, it is possible to adapt the motor software to any country’s regulations.

Even the 999W motor, when selected “Europe” in the App settings, complies and works in order to follow the European regulations for ebikes. Of course the motor power can only be limited. The 250W version, even if you select the “USA 1000W” setting, won’t increase its power.


At the moment the motor has an advanced PAS that gather informations and parameters from different sensors on the motor and process them throughout an algorithm developed by Bikee Bike, in order to have a very unique response. In its torque sensor emulator” mode, the response is similar to the one you have from a real torque sensor.

The actual torque sensor device has been developed already and is under fine-tuning. It takes time to develop this feature, considering that the torque far exceeds the other motors that have it. It requires lots of testing in order make it work perfectly, as retrofit, for the various type of bike frame, wheel size and different bike characteristics.

Three mountain bikes have been brought there. There will be also a cargo bike, which is possible to test to feel what 170 Nm are capable of, even on a small 250W motor.

AlpaCargo Bikee bikee

Bikee Bike with Alpacargo

For the first time Bikee Bike motor has been presented installed on the new Moto Parilla carbon SUV.

Moto Parilla Carbon SUV with Bikee Bike ( 999 watt version )

motorparilla carbon

Pedroni Bikes

A new concept of the Bikee Bike mid drive motor appeared on an Italian downhill bikes manufacturer’s booth: Pedroni Cycles

The motor is based on Bikee Bike technology, preserve the same performances, but requires a custom made frame, for perfect bike integration.

The response from the public was so positive that further fueled the development of this new motor version.

Pedroni bikes with Bikee Bike

Pedroni with Bikee Bike 2


According to Eurobike rules, inside the Demo area was allowed to make test by the public only the street legal version according to European rules. Therefore, only the 250W power version have been tested by the riders.

During Cosmo Bike in Verona Bikee Bike will open its door for the people that intend to travel the 40 Kms separating Verona from Bikee Bike’s factory in Mantua (

If someone wants to test the bikes, he should book in advance the time slot, writing to . Tests will be available only Friday, Saturday and Mondays.

If you like Bikee bike check them out here

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