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CarbonEV K1 eBike – Light, fast, powerful!

High-tech carbon fiber eBike for tomorrow and beyond! – That’s the slogan behind Croatian maker Krunoslav Pecak. We haven’t spoken to CarbonEv K1 owner, so we will write only what the company wrote on their Indiegogo campaign.
Making the fastest and the lightest electric bike there is…with non-compromising components and technology. This exclusively designed, high-tech, hand made, full carbon fiber mountain bike is one of the lightest, best looking eBikes in the world! Top speed – 60 km/h (38 mph), weight – 27 kg (59 lbs), range – 70 km (45 miles)!




carbonev k1 ebike


Carbon Fiber Frame and Swingarm

Hand made with premium carbon fiber the frame is lightweight and ultrastrong, make it ideal for everyday urban use or serious mountain riding.


CarbonEV K1 Early-Bird SPECIAL OFFER FOR 6990 USD

SAVE 41 % off the official retail price by being a true early-bird! Your handmade CarbonEV K1 model includes carbon fiber frame, fully adjustable suspension front/rear, hydraulic disc brakes front/rear, hand twist throttle, full-color LCD display, Shimano 10spd cassette, and a 10,4 Ah Lithium battery pack paired with 1000W mid drive motor.

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