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Composite Carbon Ebikes Built By Ryuger Bikes

Composite Carbon Ebikes built by Ryuger Bikes are something else. Designed and built without thinking about cost or sales, just to get that perfect IDEA to form in reality. Since big bike magazines did not share this story, it is up to EvNerds to give it a push!

The story of Ryuger bikes starts like this:

Ryuger Composite Carbon eBikes History

Along with Composite Components and former Mclaren F1 Designer in Perth WA we for the past 3 years built a High Tech all carbon EBike.

CARBON EBIKE case-study-ryuger-1The bike pictured is our top of the range version. We plan to follower up with several versions ranging from street Hardtail to Mountain Ebikes. Recently after taking the 2018 Taipei Bike show by storm, we have teamed up with the Famous Taiwanese Bike Builder Troy Yu.

taiwan cycle show carbon ebike ryuger

taiwan cycle show carbon ebike ryuger Troy has been building carbon bikes for over 30 years and used to make frames for Peter Teschner who intern produced for the 2011 Tour to France winner Cadel Evans. Already we have ebike designs that we believe are the most aesthetically pleasing bikes in the known world which will go into production is 2019.” – RYUGER BIKES CEO explains on Facebook


Composite Components tell the story of how the carbon ebike was made

Ryuger Bicycles asked if we could design and build a custom all carbon fiber electric bike. This would be the first bike we have ever made (or designed) but with enthusiasm from the client we set about the task.

The design of the bike was based on images supplied by the client which set the scene for the type, size and look of what was to be Ryuger’s first electric bike.

case-study-ryuger-2 carbon

A statement in advanced composites, the bike needed to be light, strong and convey the look and feel of a quality product.

The project started as a series of 3D computer models of customer supplied parts (wheels, motor, front forks) and from there we ‘filled in the blanks’. Ensuring we stayed true to the clients vision regular communication and transfer of CAD images ensured all design decisions were discussed.

Both Rhino 5 and Solidworks played an integral role in the design, component build methodology, CNC machining operations and full part manifest.

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All e bikes go from A to B and you better hope you have enough battery life to make it back to A in order to charge the bike or you could carry the cumbersome charger in a backpack. Our chargers are built in, removable if need be. Not 1 but twin chargers. Simply ride to point B and re charge. #ebike #cycling #bikes #technology #tesla #travel #green #planet #injury #fitness #future #geek #germany #usa #uk #france?? #norway #newyork

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With storage areas, USB phone charging, adjustable seating, adjustable handlebar and grip positions, comprehensive motor parameter control and feedback, the bike is truly unique.

Operationally it handled well and was a comfortable ride, the bike also exhibited a range of over 150km off a single charge while bringing a smile to anyone’s face who rode it.

Youtuber Ulni Ahon was able to get the first Ryuger Ebike on Video HERE

Ryuger Bikes Future

Ryuger Bikes are planning a production in 2019. We have contacted them for details, but we are still waiting for them to reply. Ryuger bikes are working on full suspension Carbon ebikes with full carbon rims and Fox suspension. Unlike their first ebike that has hub motor in the rear wheel, these line features BLDC mid-motors.

My goal was to build Urban Terrain E bikes, just wake up and go, be quicker on the ride than high end conventionalroad bikes but not having to adorn the uncomfortable lycra attire. Stop at a cafe, have a coffee in comfort. Free from sweat and body odour without other patronage with their eyes in the sky. Like, What F#$& are you doing here. #onsale #carbonrims700c #29ers #mtb #mtblife #mtbgirl #mtbiking #cyclinglife #cycling #lightweight #foxmtb #foxshocks #shimano #ebikes #ebike #electricbike #brightcycling #products #rims #ryugerbikes #ryuger #japancycling #japanbikes #mtbjapan #mtbjapan #embutk #fatbikes #rims #worldslife #freedom #urban

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Please check this incredible builds:


The last development by Ryuger bike company is this:

Our next E Bike the EIDOLON BR-RTS will feature in house custom built carbon forks running twin Front Disc…

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All pictures in this article are from Ryuger Facebook Page, and Composite Components

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