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Cool Simino Ebike factory from China

Ebikes from China

Ebike factory that has a wide range of interesting Ebike designs

Simino Ebike manufacturer has a mid-level tech with budget-friendly prices, and that is what drives their company. Apart from having cruiser ebikes and other popular models: they have some exceptional examples of design and design solutions on emtb frames. For example this ebike:

Hubless Probe Ebikehubless probe ebike

This is a hubless Ebike and we love it. We even have a video of similar Ebike tech for better understanding on hubless wheels and how this works with pedals:

Edge Ebike Version 1

If you are looking at this model and thinking: Hmm…This cant be the same manufacturer that made the other ebikes. This bikes look much better then other models from Simino; then you are totally right. Read about it in our Article HERE

simino edge ebike

Edge Ebike Version 2

Edge Ebike Version 2

Edge Ebike version 3

Hemdan Dizon posted more info on Endless-sphere Facebook. He got it for 720 USD. Just click on it to check it out.

Posted by Hemdan Dizon on 23. rujna 2017


Posted by Hemdan Dizon on 27. rujna 2017


Very cool Cruiser ebike with a side car


ebike with sidecar


cruiser ebike


Ebike Fatbikes

fatbike ebike

fatbike ebike

fatbike ebike


fatbike ebike


fatbike ebike

Other Simino Ebikes

electric bike

electric bike

electric bike


electric bike

Most of this Ebikes are from 450 USD up to 1000 USD from the manufacturer. Of course, the dealers will pump up the prices. If Ebike competition on the market gets bigger ( like it ain’t already ) we will probably see this models price going down even from dealers.

Simino Ebike industry introduction written by their own words

Wuyi Simino Industry and Trade CO, Ltd is a company that manufacturers high-quality electric bicycles. We have been in the business of electric bicycles for 9 years and have reached a warranty of 1.5%, from our factory, you can customize the order as you want, and we will produce exactly what you order, offering you the best service in terms of quality, performance, style, and safety of each component.
We have EN15194, EN14764, TUV, a certificate issued by European Commission. Getting more people on ebikes is our slogan!

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