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Custom E-BIKE by Le-Bui company from Lombok, Indonesia

There is a New custom E-bike in town. This E-bike is made by custom builder company Le-Bui ( We mentioned Le-Bui E-bikes here ) from Indonesia.

Le Bui E-bikes are a brainchild of Gede Dijaya (CEO) who has a team of experienced welders and painters that hand make all the parts themselves. As a child, Gede was always riding bicycles fast. Bicycles were the best presents he would get from his father for birthdays. As he grew older he decided that it is the time to get pedal assisted since he cant ride like a youngster. Gede worked in Lombok as a head of production division for Stone Crusher Plant of a Civil Construction company, but he was always impressed by e-bikes and drown to them. He decided to build this Custom E-bike company and make his dream of pushing the limits of E-bike production come true. First companies bikes were more a research and a copy of similar styles on the market. Later he found his design style and inspiration that makes him an original manufacturer today

Le-bui has so far made over 80 diffrent frame designs.

Le Bui decided to expand the business to the USA with the help of Mike Moser from Philly, with original e-bikes in his tradition and style.

We will tell you about the best known Le-Bui frame and later about the NEW Ebike hidden in the island of LOMBOK.

Custom E-bike historic moment for Le-Bui company

It was only after SEMAR was born ( Words of Gede Dijaya : “SEMAR is a figure of Javanese mythology who is plump (FAT), very honest and very wise” ) that LE-BUI frames were recognized internationally. This is why CEO of Le-Bui thinks SEMAR is special



semar custom e-bike frame

Semar E-bike was made to be “FAT” to keep a proper amount of space to fit the full stack of high power batteries inside this frame. Semar is also a wise buy because this custom fatbike e-bike frames cost a lot less than competitive ones on the market. That was Gede Dijaya ( CEO ) main reason for making Semar.



This E-bike is the newest custom creation by Le-Bui. It has a 90 Km/h setup in it. The bike is inspired by KTM and Ducati bikes. Front part of the frame is made out f steel tubes, and rear part is made out of steel sheets.

Technical Specifications

Motor: QSMOTOR – 50H magnets ( 72v setup)

Battery: Lithium 72v 30ah

Controller: YKZ7280 (WITH MOBILE APP)

3-Speed modes

Econo mode: 35 km/h

Normal mode: 70 km/h

Boost mode:  90 km/h


911 Adventure bike is avaible as a kit for 1200 USD + shipping (with free head set, rear shock breaker, seat post, seat clamp, and custom bb)


How 911 Adventure E-bike was made

Fitting the steel tubes and checking the design

Welding the front frame part

Parts assembly

Checking is it Animal friendly

Checking fittings for Lithium battery and bldc controller

Polished parts and Painting

After all that work, its time to hit the roads. Video was composed from testing videos

CREDITS to all Le-Bui custom e-bike builders


From Left to Right

Ambon – welder
Hery – welder
Azis – welder
Gede – owner + designer + QC + electrician
Ansor – painter
Joko – painter

Gede Dijaya – CEO

More Eye Candy

For all other questions about this e-bike, please contact Le-Bui bikes on FB

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