Custom Electric bike E-DYNAMIC from RODER custom bikes

The Custom Cycles scene is big in countries like Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Mexico. RODER custom cycles are Germany based shop and DIY frame building company. Not all of their bikes are electric. They all are styled as Choppers, Bobbers, and Caffe racers. But none of them are cheesy and all of them are made in Vintage spirit and colors with a lot of detailing on body. In our opinion they are totally dominating German Ebike scene. If you know any other better cusom cycles company in Germany, put it in comment section!


E-DYNAMIC ebike has a “fake” battery box that looks like real chopper gas motor and a front hub motor. Its one of those 205 hub motors. For other bikes we noticed they use Crystalyte front hub motors. The design of this electric bicycle with those fat tires is just awesome and we felt the need to share it with you guys

That’s a Fatbike tire!
Incredible paint job

If you think these are off the shelf body part mounted on the bike, just look at the picture

ebike bodywork

Some of other RODER Ebikes


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