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Ebike scene in Philly

Interview with Ebike business owner and Ebiker from Philly

Interview with Mike Moser from Philly

Philadelphia based business owner Mike Moser talked yesterday with us about Philly Ebike scene, his beginnings, and ebikes in the USA. We were lucky to get him off the track from his busy life.

Ebike in Philly

We are not going to be like other Magazines and make up some silly story about how this interview took place in Hilton and that we were too busy talking about ebikes that we didn’t have time to take pictures of two of us drinking Martinis. It was a regular online chat; First, we woke Mike from sleep, then we disturbed him with the second question while he was checking out his taxes. After that, we kinda agreed to send him the questions so he can answer them in comfort of his home. Mike, thank you, won’t happen again unless you want a second Interview.

How did you get into EV business?

I don’t understand why a person drives a 3,000lb car for local commuting within a 15-mile range from their home. It just costs too much money to move so much weight. I save so much money traveling on a 100lb Ebike.

Frame packages for sale $2,000 . High end QS V3 motor and YYK controller

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Any background on how you got interested in Ebikes?

I learned how to repair Ebikes on Endless Sphere. But Factory built Ebikes would burn up from overvolting them. I wanted more range and more power than pre-built Ebikes offered.

Show us your personal ride, and tell us why do you prefer it?

I have two Ebikes. One is a 67v 20ah Mongoose Fat Bike hub motor conversion that’s my light bike. It fits nicely on a trunk mounted bike carrier. It’s also easy to carry up to a flight of stairs.
My second Ebike is 140lb full suspension, 10,000watts, 100v 20ah Lipo battery with BMS and Charger. I use a QS V3 205 50h hub motor with a Kelly 230amp controller. It has Motorcycle wheels for comfort and safety.


Whats your workday like; you go riding ebikes after or?

I work on Ebikes all day. I have been assembling and testing many different brand Ebike components. I test ride all the bikes too. I also go on 30-40 mile rides about 3 days a week. I monitor the Ebikes speed, distance, and heat. I report my results to the Ebike community members and Ebike groups. I answer emails and text messages throughout the day from other members to answer their Ebike questions, give them advice and help solve issues if any.

Whats The Philly Ebike scene like ? Is there more high power ebikes, or regular granny ebikes around ?

The Philly Ebike scene is gaining popularity. Ebikes became PA State legal in compliance with the USA Federal Ebike laws in August 2014. That’s the date I started my Ebike business, mainly for Ebike enthusiasts and hobby builders. Because most people have never even scene an Electric bicycle before August 2014, I stop and answer questions each ride. I exchange phone’s but mostly recommend joining an Ebike group to see what others are riding in the EV community. Most of the pedestrians I talk to cannot easily afford an Ebike due to having monthly living expenses. I tell them about my savings from using an Ebike vs. an automobile and the upfront costs of an Ebike pays off within the first year because there are no monthly and annual fees after the purchase. Philly is a student City. I see many people on Ebikes and scooters under $1,000. Small Ebikes because they only need to travel 2 miles per day and have to carry it up a few flights of stairs. Also, the threat of it being stolen while locked up to an outside bicycle rack could be a reason not to spend a lot of money and risk losing it to theft.


Pennsylvania had spent millions of dollars on Bicycle paths and lanes. There are lots of hills in the area. 750w Ebikes and scooters are just not enough power to the wheel because of the hilly terrain. I know from experience that a 750w Ebike is not putting down 750w to the wheel due to power loss. This is the reason why heavier riders need a 3000w Ebike for local commuting. Due to power loss, they are using the full 3000watts and I’ll say it’s compatible to 1000w Ebike. I know hundreds of riders, most with disabilities who need more than average power for reliable daily commuting.
I’ll say a new Ebike buyer’s first purchase is a 250w to 750w Ebike and they will spend another $1,000 or more to get the much-needed power.
More than 5% of the Ebikers here are riding 2500w or higher Ebikes and no one would know this by looking at them because they all obey the Pa Common Bicycle laws here. Nobody is drawing unnecessary attention to themselves on their high power Ebikes and everyone I know wants more power.

What happens when a guy on 7 thousand dollars Electric Giant bike or Haibike passes by and sees that the worth of Ebike is not proportional to the money spent on it?

Consumers have different personal opinions about every bicycle on the market. The funny thing is that a person who buys an Ebike with a thumb throttle wants a twist throttle and the person who buys an Ebike with a twist throttle wants a thumb throttle. So I think that the consumer buys what they like or it’s an impulse buy. As soon as they discover Ebikes and if they have the money then they will pay to have an Ebike as soon as possible.
I’m going to say that high power Ebikes is the buyer’s 2nd Ebike purchase. Who doesn’t want triple the power at half the price?


Going to fast for that corner???

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Do you have a webshop, or its all personal touch for you; where you speak with customers and get the best-personalized ride for them?

I have a workshop but no showroom. Locals see my bike every day because I do a lot of riding and I am the local Ebike technician because my reputation has grown and continues to gain popularity every day. EVs are future and it is wise to invest in the future. I have established a very nice following. I’d say 80% of my time is dedicated to helping others learn about buying, maintaining and performing small repairs

Whats your opinion on Ebikes in USA, and the market for them. Are they getting more popular?

The USA is fresh territory for Ebike Sales. EVs are very common and popular on the west coast. I lived in California up until 2009. I was traveling back and forth from Pennsylvania to California for my work as a Painting Contractor. And then decided to stay my Ebike business here in Philly on Aug 2014 when Ebikes became legal in Pennsylvania. I wanted to be the person to promote Ebikes here in Philly. The best part, in the beginning, was everyone’s expression the first time they saw an Ebike. So many people would say “I only thought those things were in the movies”. They just couldn’t believe that a bicycle could move a person with no pedaling necessary. I thought about how much it would take to educate people each day, one by one, it just wasn’t enough coverage on foot (I mean ride). So I hit up the internet. I’m not very internet savvy but I learned enough to help spread Ebike popularity as much as I possibly can.

Whats Mikes biz going to look like in a couple of years: expectations?

I expect to be selling, assembling and servicing Ebikes next year. The reason why I like promoting high dollar Ebikes is that fewer people will pay a lot of money for an Ebike compared to the lesser expensive Ebikes are selling 95% more. But now I’m seeing that every person who can afford an Ebike with a higher power is spending the money.


You build bikes with Lambok industry; Whats the story behind it?

In 2015 I had first seen on the internet in the Ebike group Gede form Lombok Ebike builders handmade frames. I would talk to Gede 3-4 days a week and I always would say to him “wow, one day I will have enough money to afford one of your Ebikes”.
September 2016, Gede offered to sell me a Yellow SEMAR full suspension frame. It took 3-4 months from the beginning of production until it was finally delivered to me. I had all the parts ready to assemble the SEMAR. It took one week to build the moto wheels, fabricate the brackets for the disc caliper because I’m using a Hub Motor with the 140/60-18″ rear tire. The chain alignment has to be correct. I had to adjust the suspension front and rear. SEMAR fits 100v 32ah Lipo battery with BMS and Charger for simple “plug-in” charging until the light turns green. I built an Ebike that is very powerful and reliable as a daily rider.



The Gods want Phat Bikes

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Love for the Philly

ebike qsmotor

After Interview, we started chatting about Grin faces and how first-time Ebikers react to Ebikes. Mike has seen this a million times. We like his passion to take photos of his customers, their rides, and Philly town that he loves. Take a look

South St

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"E1" badass

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Center of Philly?

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Tour de Philly with my bouieee Alex

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If you are in the USA and wish to buy QSmotor Kit, nice ride, or you want to hang out with Ebike know-how person just ask: Mike, How about an Ebike?


His Dr.Chopper 8 website is here

He also has his second website setup here

Or go to facebook and write Mike Qsmotor Moser

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