Electric Bicycle With Sexy CNC Rear Swingarm And Powerful Hub Motor

High power electric bicycles are something that we see every day in our neighborhood. it wasn’t always like that; Qs hub motors popularity got EvNerds community and other electric vehicle enthusiasts building electric speedsters with motorcycle rims, motorcycle tires all around the world.

Most of these ebike conversions use motorcycle components like shocks, front forks etc.
Regular Kenda tires, Rockshox shocks, and other bicycle brands just don’t cut it on speeds above 70 Km/h. The same thing applies to high-speed electric bicycle geometry and used materials.

Montmar Electric Bicycle

Montmar Ebikes from Spain made stiff and very nice looking rear swingarm with motorcycle rims and one of those 205 motors in their rear wheel.


For conversions with QS273 OR QS205 hub motors, one must be very careful not to forget the beefy drop-outs and very strong rear swingarm. This is exactly what Montmar company was thinking when they made this ebike. The overall appearance is close to Stealth bikes, but with much cooler CNC-ed rear swing-arm. This CNC-ed swingarm can take 150 Nm that presumably this motor can achieve.

electric bicycle high power

electric bicycle
Look at this beefy brake mounts!

If you are interested how this Montmar electric bicycle will turn out, follow them on Instagram here

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