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Electric Cruiser and Electric Skateboard Made with Aluminum Profiles

Electric Cruiser Bikes and Electric Skateboards are getting more affordable each day. There is so much different ebike and e-skate models to choose from right now. However, this kills DIY creativity because some DIY builders are only driven by making their electric vehicles cheaper than what they can afford from the market. True DIY builders build their EV stuff because of the inner passion that drives realization of their own ideas or dreams. Those designers, engineers, and truly genius people see a bunch of aluminum profiles laying around, and then creativity kicks in! Even if the same bike they imagined is available in the e-bike shop, they will still build their own!

aluminum bosch profile
Bosch aluminum profile

This is exactly what happened to János Katona. He found some Bosch aluminum profiles laying around, old Bionix motor, some unused 18650 cells, and BANG this happened!

Electric Crusier Bicycle Made with Bosch Aluminum Profiles

Basic CAD design
“Had a bunch of Bosch profiles laying around… I think I will need at least 1,5kW’s of power to get this thing moving. “
electric cruiser bicycle 18650 battery

18650 Battery Cells with Bionix motor mounted as MID-MOTOR: “Looks like 36V will not be enough :/ must go with 60 Volts instead.”

Triple Chain Setup with Two stage reduction

“So this headlight was meant to be on a Harley…but I am putting it on my ebike”
electric crusier frame
Front fork is also made from Bosch profiles. Fork is rigid with fat tire that will act as a suspension when street riding.

First Electric Cruiser ride test:

Custom black cruiser electric bike
New black painted frame + front fork led lights mounted

controller and cool wooden battery covers
János Katona last finishing touch: Nicely mounted controller and cool wooden battery covers

electric cruiser bicycle
Covers for controller added

Just follow János on Instagram if you are into custom e-bikes, he has a new electric build coming along!

Three Wheel Electric Skateboard Frame Made with Bosch Aluminum Profiles

Three wheels electric skateboard is interesting because of the front steering system and the fact that János Katona used hoverboard hub motor as a driving force for his custom DIY creation. He does not like bumps on the road so he added a suspension system to the rear wheel with custom made disc brake mounts for the hoverboard motor.The tilting front wheels feature double steering linkage.

Electric skateboard componentes
Electric skateboard componentes: Controller,combination of hobby king lipo and 18650 cells

Awesome engineering, design and DIY skills! We wish everybody more projects like this in 2019.

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