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European tour with Kosynier retro electric bikes

Kosynier Retro Handmade Electric Bike

Kosynier Manufacture is an initiative of two brothers, Marcin and Michał Bielawski, from Poland. During the European tour, they personally delivered the first e-bikes to customers. Their bikes are handcrafted in a retro style, reminiscent of early 20th century motorcycles.

Kosynier deLux ebike red black vintage electric bike retro Ford Transit Trail polandHandcrafted work and refined design make their vehicles catch the eye in Europe and beyond.

kosynier delux vintage electric bike

The brothers grew up in a forge that had been passed down in the family from generation to generation for nearly 100 years. Their fascination with vintage vehicles gave them the idea for their own vehicle and brand. Preparations took several years. Marcin and Michał started with prototypes with combustion engines. EU regulations, however, ruled out their idea. They didn’t give up and started working on changing the drive. It was supposed to be electric with as much power and speed as possible. And again there was legislation that shut down this project as well… Years of work, funding, dreaming. And instead of giving up, they sat down to the topic for a third time. They got their first customers and started the production. And then the pandemic came. They were already hardened, though 😉

vintage electric bike in monaco
They have produced an electric bike that meets EU regulations and impresses everyone. They have just presented it in Paris, in cities near Barcelona, in Marseille, Monaco, and in Italy, among others, and it was always the same. They didn’t even have time to get the bike out of the car and they already had the first interested parties.

electric bike vintage style kosynier delux 10

V2 engine is a detailed aluminum casting specially designed and fabricated to hold an electric charger inside.

Marcin Bielawski: “We have managed to get used to the fact that our vehicle arouses positive emotions in Poland. That’s nice and we appreciate it very much. A lot of people are watching us, cheering us on. They know how much work we put into keeping this project alive. But now we’ve looked at what reactions our bike is getting in Western Europe. It’s amazing how the Germans, French, Spanish or Italians we visited in their country react. And that’s not all… We have also met Americans, Dutch, British and they are all delighted. We recorded a lot of opinions during this grand tour across Europe”.

The Kosynier deLux electric bike


The Kosynier deLux electric bike has a 250 W motor that assists pedalling up to 25 km/h. The range is between 80 and 120 km. The charging time is 4.5 hours. The assumption is that if a part can be made by hand, then that is how it should be made. The brothers spared no expense. The paint, the chrome, the chrome molybdenum tubes for the frame, the aluminum castings made specifically for the Kosynier, the leather parts all have to be of the highest quality.

Two levers at the tank are functional. One lever is used to change the rear derailleur, and the other lever is responsible for controlling the engine power levels.

They are meant to be reminiscent of early 20th century motorcycles. They are made by experienced craftsmen. The brothers pay a lot of attention to detail. Stitching on leather parts, lamp mounts, emblems. Everything is sophisticated. Kosynier is also about personalization. Each Kosynier deLux model features an emblem on which the owner’s name appears. And the texture on this emblem is hand stamped with a small hammer by an engraver! Yes, he does this by hand by striking hundreds of times with a small hammer.

Emblem with owner’s name

The imitation V2 engine is a detailed aluminum casting specially designed and fabricated for the Kosynier. It holds an electric charger. The tank contains a Panasonic/Sanyo cell battery. The motor is located in the rear hub.

Note: the two levers at the tank are functional and very practical. One lever is used to change the rear derailleur, and the other lever is responsible for controlling the engine power levels. The brothers admit that they worked on the bike for a very long time, they were delayed by the pandemic yet they did not give up and now they are producing beautiful electric bikes. They delivered their first bike to France.

The new owner is a graphic designer, illustrator and lives in a picturesque village near the Belgian border. Marcin: “It’s hard for me to say what kind of emotions accompanied us when delivering the bike to the first customer. When you know how much my brother and I worked on this project, how much effort we put in, I admit I had “glassy eyes” as I was going to Patrice. It is not only the time, finances and sacrifices we and our families have made, but also the promises we have made and the help we have received. It’s all about commitment”.

The tour took place all over Europe, from Poland through Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and France again, Monaco, Italy, Austria and back to Poland. Thanks to the logistics support from Ford Polska, they travelled 5500 km.

They delivered bikes to customers, presented the bike to potential customers, and did photo and video shoots. There is also time for spontaneous campaigns.

Near Perpignone, while talking to motorcyclists, they were offered an escort to a vintage vehicle event. The French motorcyclists also made sure to interact with the show’s general manager…

Outside of Europe, Kosynier will deliver bikes to customers in the US and Australia.

Check out Kosynier electric bikes website for more information here.

How Kosynier Electric Bikes are Made

If you are interested how the Kosynier electric bikes, check out these videos:

There is also that new 90 Km/h bike that the brothers have been working on….

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