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eXTREME Carbon Tricolore MX electric bike from Moto Parilla

A new eXTREME Tricolore MX electric bike made by Moto Parilla will be presented at EICMA 2022. Moto Parilla is known to ebike riders for their Carbon SUV fatbike, foldable ebike Parillino, and collab with Bikee Bike midmotor manufacturer.

UPDATE 16.11.2022. FROM EICMA 2022. IS HERE

Moto Parilla Tricolore MX carbon body looks like something from a SI-FI movie!
Tricolore MX carbon body looks like something from a SI-FI movie!

Moto Parilla has published a series of photos of their new extreme electric carbon eBIKE, and they look incredible. Again, without any fear of how this ebike will be accepted, the creators are trying new things and pushing the power and design to the next level!

Tricolore sktech
Tricolore MX sktech

Finally, an ebike made with a different formula, different looks, and tech that follows the exclusivity of the design.

tricolore carbon

We cannot argue that carbon on this ebike is a work of art!
“What we do at Moto Parilla is not just the search for the best possible performance, an obsessive study between the lowest weight and the best endurance.The first thing we want to do is create art.
To give life to new forms capable of surprising and revolutionizing what we already know.” – From Moto Parilla facebook

Moto Parilla has teamed up with Bright Racing shocks for suspension system.

motoparilla bright racing shocks

Not many technical details are revealed, but Moto Parilla states that this is a fully capable e-mtb is built for all terrains!

“Tricolore comes to life, and it can’t wait to get out on the road and tackle any path the mountain will want to put in front of it.” – Moto Parilla

The ebike looks beefy enough to hold at least 1 kWh of power, and motor size would suggest something like 1 kW with good gearing and a lot of Nm.

However, we know nothing else.We have to wait together for EICMA 2022.!
We are very happy to see that these images are not only rendered, and that the real bike was tested on different terrain. These images prove it!

Moto Parilla Tricolore MX electric bike testing before EICMA 2022.

We cannot wait to find out more information from Moto Parilla. They are most active on their Facebook page, so be sure to check out this cool brand here

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