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Fantastic and Innovative Ebike design by L’Atelier Mixture

French designers rock the Ebike design scene

L’Atelier Mixture Ebike Design

The Atelier Mixture® is a place of creation: it is not a design office or a design office, it is not a graphic design agency, communication n ‘ is not a craftsman’s workshop, nor that of an illuminated handyman, not a studio artist, painter, draftsman, not a prototyping company, sculptor, serigraph … This is not all this. It’s a bit of all at once! – L’Atelier Mixture

L’Atelier Mixture seems to be a one-man show design! The owner designs a lot of different things and you can check them all at the end of this article. We were astonished by the Ebike design that we found to be innovative with integrated electric assist mid-drive and hidden belt or chain driveline

L’Atelier Mixture

Take a look at this Incredible Ebike design called “NUMBER THREE”

incredible ebike frame design with hidden rear shock

incredible ebike frame design with hidden rear shock

swingarm design

If you have interest in design and engineering, please check out what L’Atelier Mixture is doing on facebook link. His drawings and Renders are very inspirational

If you prefer Instagram, then go here:

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