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Fiido L3 Ebike

FIIDO Technology Development co., ltd, manufacturer of electric bicycles, electric scooters, and sea scooters, announced proudly today the long-range foldable e-bike L3 ( Only 900 USD in EU ) debuted at Banggood, with only 200 units approximately. After weeks of preparation and cooperation from all parties, the much-anticipated L3 will finally be launched at Banggood. For ebikers that like this little machine simply buy it online on Banggood.

Fiido l3 The product manager responsible for the initial public release of the L3, Daisy, says there’s no better time to launch the brand new e-bike than now during the COVID pandemic where even those that never had an ebike want one for social distance.

fiido l3 bike

L3 ebike is ideally suited for users who need a longer riding range, given that it is capable of more than 150 km range and a load of 75kg. The reason it has such a long-range is entirely attributable to the 48V 23.2Ah battery capacity it is equipped with, as well as more than 1000 battery charging cycles. The model also performs preeminently in terms of ease of use since it can be folded into three sections, occupying a narrow space of only 0.17 cubic meters after folding. 

In addition to this L3, Fiido also provides several types of electric bicycles featured with different functions, which enables riders to find the one that meets their needs. For more information, please refer to our official website:

For more information, please contact FIIDO on their websiteFacebook or Instagram

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