Greyp G6 new ebike details

Greyp G6 ebike was partially revealed, and we have all the info in previous article. The newest teaser shows more than the first one.

New stuff we found out from new Greyp G6 teaser

NEW G6 details !

Objavljuje EvNerds u Utorak, 5. veljače 2019.

  1. Greyp G6 is full suspension freeride electric bike for all terrain. The featured video shows snow ride so we are pretty sure it can handle other terrains as well.greyp-g6-mid-drive-ebike
  2.  Greyp G6 is an ebike with the unknown mid-drive motor. We are pretty sure the drive unit is not BOSCH, Bafang, Brose , Conti, M25, Bikeebike or any wide known brand. It is also Greyp’s nature to surprise us with crucial components. Mid-motors usually have 90 Nm from this companies in light pedalec category. We will have to wait for Greyp to come out and say what is special about their chosen motor. greyp-g6-battery-ebike
  3. Greyp G6 packs a very small battery positioned in the horizontal position in the middle of the frame.Greyp bikes usually overdo it, so we still expect larger capacity than competitive products in this ebike category. Still, it is hard to imagine more than 48v20ah inside this space.greyp-g6-ebike-motor
  4. Unlike Greyp12s, this bike does not have a triple crown fork. Front fork still looks in line with the design, so we see this as a good move to lower the price a bit.

G6 looks very beautiful indeed, and packs interesting tech explained in the previous article. We will report any news on Greyp bikes in the future, so stay tuned.



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