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Grunner X Ebike specifications

Grunner X Ebike specifications

Grunner X Ebike has more brains then other Ebikes

We were with Grunner ebike team when they were filming the Ebike for their commercial, these are edited scenes by us only to show working prototype


New Grunner X ebike is also a platform for testing Ai software that company from Croatia is trying to create and perfect.

grunner ebike

Their first production Ebike Grunner X features these neat additions that are technical advantages over some competitor Ebikes on the market:

  • Grunner X has a range of incredible 350km
  • Controlled by AI developed for vehicle optimization
  • High security measures thanks to the advanced security system
  • Bike to bike communication:Connect your bike with friends, and have some fun together! zhAdvanced wireless and cloud based technology will provide you feel of connection.
  • GCloud platform: Share your adventure with your friends, control your bike over the internet and always be updated about current state of your bike
  • User management -Bike location -Bike lock and unlock -Routes sharing -Fleet management

Some of the most Innovative features are :

Vibrating handlebar

For safe driving we have implemented vibrating handbar. Sensors will detect incoming car from behind and vibration will inform you.

Grunner “Black Box”

Two years of technology development in Mobile Vehicle Technology company led us to the most advanced solutions in vehicle control systems.

Certified LED lights

Be safe at night or fog with embedded high intensity LED lights on the back, and with high intensity daylights on the front. Also, headlight will turn every night into day.

Security Login


The Grunner x Ebike came after first Grunner ebike on this video


For other information on Grunner ebikes and their website, go here


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