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Hycore T1 Wheel at Interbike looks perfect on Road E-bikes

As seen on Interbike this year; Hycore company presented a perfected version of their CENTINEL electric wheel. They call it: the HYCORE T1

Objavljuje HycoreSrijeda, 18. listopada 2017.

This e-bike technology consists of two integrated electric motors with planetary gearheads, battery, and controller all boxed up in one super small package.



T1 test ride

our test riding of Hycore's T1!!

Objavljuje Hycore u Četvrtak, 16. veljače 2017.


This ebike motor system with the battery was in continuous development form 2015. This resulted with HYCORE T1 motor. HYCORE had an unsuccessful KICKSTARTER campaign in 2015. for their CENTINEL wheel ( check it out here). BACK THEN, THE HYCORE KIT COSTED AROUND 600 USD

In 2016. the company had a Korean crowd funding campaign that was SUCCESSFUL!

The company started making electric motor systems in 2012.

2012 ELECTRIC SCOOTER(250w~500w)

2012 ELECTRIC SCOOTER(250w~500w)

The dual motor system improves the speed-torque performance
by combing two motors with one planetary gear, in which
one motor is for high speed and the other for high torque.
In other words, one can realize high speed at low torque,
and high torque at low speed, similar to how an automatic
transmission operates in automobiles.-HYCORE

2015 MICRO EV(1.5w~4kw) DRIVE SYSTEM

2015. MICRO EV(1.5w~4kw) DRIVE SYSTEM

2015 MICRO EV(1.5w~4kw) DRIVE SYSTEM

Hycore has developed dual motor systems for larger applications
such as in electric motorcycles and other Micro-EVs.
This applicable system we have developed is 20% higher
in efficiency and significantly more resistant to heat.-HYCORE

HYCORE T1 motor specifications


ebike power

Mobile App:

CENTINEL ( HYCORE T1) Wheel offers an exclusive smartphone app which syncs the wheel and smartphone via Bluetooth.Track your wheel’s location. Lock and Unlock your wheel.
Check your wheel’s overall status such as battery usage, speed, and travel information.
There is an infinite potential between Centinel Wheel and its app.

smartwheel mobile app

Mounting the motor

ebike mounting

Battery removal is easy


We see CENTINEL or HYCORE T1 motor mostly used on hardtail and road bikes because of the specific design. It does not make a lot of sense to put these things on full suspension mountain bike frames.

If HYCORE T1 prices stay between 600-900 usd, we are pretty sure that this KOREAN COMPANY will find its market in United States of America and Europe.

If you are interested in more information, check out HYCORE

There is a wheel motor system totally different, with some similarities to HYCORE. Read about the GEORBITAL WHEEL

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