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Impressive LMX 56 Ebike built in France for hardcore e-riders!

Impressive electric bikes and motorcycles built in France by LMX bikes were featured so many times on EvNerds. Latest LMX 56 ebike creation is a step up for a company that came a long way from its startup years. We have some videos explaining the tech on Facebook link here, and pictures with short introduction of specs behind the LMX 56 ebike!

LMX 56 ebike – Adam Mercier Explains Ebike on our FB

Check this video on Facebook on this link!( The link will open in new tab )


French Ebike manufacturer

As for the other LMX platforms, this concept bike was designed and developed in Rhône-Alpes

lmx 56 emtb The new integrated ebike engine was developed in-house, in collaboration with the SPARK RACING (Formula E) teams.

In the image the LMX 56s stand in front of LMX brand new CNC milling machine used to machine a multitude of parts.

The production of the LMX 56 ebike engine block with a special gearbox is in Europe. By doing so, LMX bikes do not have to source the parts abroad; and it takes them less time to produce and deliver the ebikes to customers.

With this new bike, LMX speaks to e-mountain bikers. A 45 Km/h version with 2500 Watts of peak power is offered and EU homologation is in process, but a version limited to 25 km/h and 250 W nominal power is also available on the same chassis platform with power limited to suite ebike rules in Europe. The ebike will come with OTA updates and CAN bus communication. An LMX ebike rider will be able to set-up his power configuration via mobile app !

ebike lmx 56 The heart of this ebike has been developed in-house, and it is capable of 200 Nm maximum torque. Battery is made in-house and it features a generous 1000 Wh of capacity.

This bike has 160mm of travel front and rear. It sits on a small 27.5-inch, wide rear wheel and a a 29-inch front wheel. The LMX 56 is available in two sizes, M and L and few color options!

lmx ebikesFor other news and info about LMX 56 – go to LMX WEBSITE

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