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Interview with Dusenspeed ebike creator

Interesting news from Dusenspeed ebike creators

Interview with Dusenspeed ebike creators

Dusenspeed became best known in electric vehicle community for their Uber cool Ebikes with sexy curves. We contacted Dusenspeed creator and asked him a couple of questions about his work and materials they use to build these specially designed street and downhill ebikes

Düsenspeed is a passionate and innovative start-up in the field of electromobility, design and manufacture of new and ambitious high-tech applications prototypes.


E-bikes have been the first products manufactured in series, developed and marketed since October 2016 by Düsenspeed. Model 1 (Boardtracker) and Model 2 (Café Racer) were the first to be made available followed in autumn 2017 by Model 3 (Freeride / Downhill).

EvNerds: Who are you guys? Based on the quality of your carbon bikes ( Is it all carbon ?), its easy to figure out you are not a regular garage kung-fu builder ?

Dusenspeed: Hello, my name is Gerry, my background and experience stem from the boat and yacht building industries. The technology that we use is the same as is utilized in the “Americas Cup”.

The idea was to apply the technology and techniques of high-performance boating to develop a unique and unprecedented class of E-bike. The challenge was not to build just a normal bicycle with a motor, but instead to create a true E-bike. The art was to build frames that are statically designed for performance such as motorcycles but are lighter, stiffer, and safer than any available E-bike.

This requirement could not be filled with a normal carbon frame, for this reason I developed a hybrid-fiber technology that includes Carbon, Kevlar, and additional confidential components.

dusenspeed downhill e-bike frame making
dusenspeed workshop

Up close in dusenspeed workshop

dusenspeed model1 mould
dusenspeed model1 mould

EvNerds: What inspired you to make this unic looking ebike designs?

Dusenspeed: The idea originated after lengthy searches of the E-bike market. Because there was no E-bike on the market that met my expectations and requirements, I decided to build a bike for myself. As a result of the many requests, I decided to form a company and produce exclusive, limited-series E-bikes.

duesenspeed limited edition ebikes
dusenspeed model 3
dusenspeed model 3 limited edition

EvNerds: Where is your production located? How do you control the quality? Who supplies the drives for this bikes?

dusenspeed ebike 3

Dusenspeed: Our production location is in lovely Switzerland, in a small town not far from Bern. We produce our bikes in a modest facility in which I lovingly undertake the process of creating hand-crafted frames. On the subject of quality control, I would like to say that our bikes are tested through their heart and kidneys! Our test bikes have successfully covered over 10,000 kilometers under the harshest conditions and without any issues! All of our frames have a quality standard that we strenuously adhere to in great detail. Also worth noting is the fact that we work very closely with Maxon. Briefly stated, Maxon is a Swiss Company that works with NASA and provides the drive motors for the Mars Rover.

“E-bike Freaks” market frames soon!

Evnerds: There are still a lot of ebike builders that want to customize stuff themselves; will you be supplying ebike frames in the future?

Dusenspeed: To the question of whether we will supply a frame kit for E-bike Freaks and builders, not under the Duesenspeed name. Duesenspeed is a professional bike manufacturer and will not sell frames. There will however be a new company that we will support in developing a frame for the “E-bike Freaks” market.

EvNerds: New products for 2018 ?

Dusenspeed: Yes, towards the end of 2018 Duesenspeed will release a new bike with at least 8kw performance and a weight that will not exceed 40 kg. ​It will be a very torque-friendly enduro bike in the style of the Model 3.

dusenspeed ebike model 3
dusenspeed ebike model 3

We can’t disclose anymore at this time, but the bike will be super fun and we are very excited about the project. Additionally and as usual, we plan to visit a number of trade shows. We are still determining which shows we will attend, but our bikes will certainly be on display at “EUROBIKE 2018”.

EvNerds: Are you a member of any Foreign and international ebike groups?

Dusenspeed: Yes, Absolutely! When time permits I am active on Facebook and in the “E-bike custom” Facebook Group. I’m actually an administrator, it’s a super group of custom builders, and is also great for beginners that are new to E-bikes and want to ask questions or exchange information. The solutions and custom bikes that the guys in the group produce are amazing! It would be nice to see more women members and female custom builders come forward. Go for it ladies! E-bikes are cool!

EvNerds: Gerry, thanks for all insight. We are looking forward to seeing a new design from your factory of imagination. Especially revealing of E-bike freaks frame

More about Dusenspeed models:

Model 1, Sled E-Boardtracker

dusenspeed model1
dusenspeed model1

This e-bike is a tribute to the legendary boardtracker, with which the first motorcycle races took place in the early 20th century (see the illustration below). The hybrid-fibre frame of the Model 1 weighing approximately 4 kg has been designed for high speeds. The road holding of this e-bike is simply exciting.

Accumulator capacity:  500 to 1’800 Wh

Motor power:                 250 to 2’000 W

Motor torque:                up to 80 Nm

Autonomy:                     40 to 200 km (purely electrical, without pedalling)

Total weight:                  22 to 31 kg


Model 2, Café Racer

dusenspeed model 2
dusenspeed model 2
duesenspeed model 2
duesenspeed model 2 with Gerry

The Model 2 has its root in the English sub-culture of the nineteen sixties, when production of motorcycles was converted in a puritan manner into production of racing machines (see the illustration below). The current minimalism in those days helped define the design of Model 2. Its hybrid-fibre frame, weighing approximately 5,5 kg, has been designed for speeds up to 160 km/h. The road holding of this e-bike is simply overwhelming.

Accumulator capacity:  500 to 4’500 Wh

Motor power:                 250 to 2’000 W

Motor torque:                up to 80 Nm

Autonomy:                     40 to 250 km (purely electrical, without pedalling)

Total weight:                  25 to 48 kg

Model 3, Enduro / Freeridee


We are delighted to present Model 3 to the public, half a year ahead of schedule. The prototype was presented in the “Blauer Salon 2017” at the spring exhibition of Emil Frey AG Autocenter Safenwil which took place between 24 and 26 March 2017. With Model 3 Düsenspeed addresses both enduro and freeride customers.


Accumulator capacity:         500 to 1’200 Wh

Motor power:                        500 W (maxon BIKEDRIVE MX 25, 48 VDC, efficiency 85 %)

Motor torque:                       50 Nm (typical max. permanent torque 25 Nm)

Min. effective autonomy :   50 km (strongly dependant on the driving mode) – 150 km

Rims front/rear:                    26″ / 24 or 26″

Total weight:                         25 kg

If you want know more about the price and models, go to DUSENSPEED website

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