Italian Electric Bike TECHNO CRUISER

Arlix company presented TECHNO CRUISER electric bike back in 2017. on EICMA. We are writing about this Italian company because we feel Arlix was not fully covered in Internet media and has a lot to show off. This electric bike has an interesting combination of Carbon frame ( you do not notice that on the first look ) and aluminum Girder fork.

Techno Cruiser Italian electric bike from Italy


The design of the Techno cruiser was created by Arlix style center and its curves found inspiration in the aeronautical industry, giving to the vehicle great lightness but also great solidity.
The goal was to create a technological design, inspired by the soft and elegant lines of the cruiser with a unique personality and out of the conventional scheme. The use of technical solutions such as the parallelogram fork and other components have given the vehicle a futuristic and exclusive style.

electric bike style


Arlix’s Techno Cruiser is ​​a crossover-bike. The “CROSSING OVER” between bikes and motorbikes created this emerging class of vehicles. It’s not a motorized bicycle, neither an electric motorbike. It’s a hybrid vehicle with high technological standards, an elegant Italian design, and a dynamic and strong character.

Techno cruiser, in the top version, is equipped with a 1000W electric bike engine and has a Nuvinci 380 gear-hub in the back wheel. The biggest battery pack that buyer can choose for this electric bike is a big 48v 58ah battery!

Techno Cruiser Electric Bike Video

Arlix Techno Cruiser from Italy

Italian ARLIX TECHNO CRUISER design packs more than you see at first. Carbon frame + Nuvinci 380 + servo adjustable saddle + large battery + Front Girder fork Check out the video and article

Objavljuje EvNerds u Ponedjeljak, 28. siječnja 2019.

Techno Cruiser Electric Bike Specifications


250W 500W 1000W
Frame Full carbon Full carbon with oversized sections to ensure maximum rigidity
Components saddle structure, doors and mudguards in high-strength carbon fiber
Twin Fork full ERGAL carved from  monoblock, parallelogram geometry, air/oil suspensions
Rear full ERGAL carved from monoblock, 190×50 suspensions
Wheels 26” x 3.50 tyres, 80mm rims 21” x 80/90 tyres
Brakes hydraulic 2 pistons, 200mm discs hydraulic 4 pistons, 200mm discs
Gear Nu Vinci 380 continuous gear
Seat servo-assisted setting
Front/Back lights LED



250W 500W 1000W
Top speed 25Km/h 25/40Km/h 25/45Km/h
Range 120Km 100Km 140Km



250W 500W 1000W
Engine type central central with continuous gear
Voltage 48V
Engine torque 80Nm with engine torque sensor 100Nm with engine torque sensor 160Nm with engine torque sensor



250W 500W 1000W
Battery Samsung Li-ion 29ET 18650
Features 48V 43,5Ah 48V 58Ah
Battery cells 210 280
BMS management and balancing system
Charging time 5h



Wheelbase 125cm
Seat height 88-100cm
Optimum user height 165-185cm



250W 500W 1000W
4.3″ Color Touchscreen X X X


carbon electric bike detail
Bike saddle hight is controler by servo motors
electric bike mudguard
TECHNO CRUISER mudguard design
Stylish rear light
carbon quality
Carbon quality
Electric bike dashboard
Girder Fork and front headlamp
Girder Fork and front headlamp
cruiser electric bike midmotor
Bafang Midmotor+Nuvinci

We are not sure if this is a prototype or full scale production bike. For questions about that or pricings please visit Arlix.

Follow Arlix electric bikes on Instagram or check out their webpage for updates

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