Juiced Scrambler Ebike is already fully funded on Indiegogo!

There is one important thing that Juiced company got right. In the Scrambler Ebike market, it really is all about the battery and less about the speed. But even so, Juiced Ebike has bigger speed than competitive products from Unimoke or Super 73 Ebike. This is what Juiced bikes say about their newest creation:

Scramblers are all the rage in electric bikes! The style is more of a look than a purpose – but for us the purpose is to make the fastest line between two points as FUN as possible – even if that means riding across fields, dirt roads, alleyways, city streets, or anywhere else.

The battery is bigger, the hub motor and controller power is better, the frame is made out of Avio grade aluminum 6061 that is much lighter than steel. Unimoke and Super 73 bike are made out of steel. The front fork is coil fork, and not rigid like in the other two mentioned products.

We really like the design of Juiced Scrambler, but we cannot say it is better, because Unimoke and Super 73 were made before Juiced Scrambler, and they made a place for this kind of ebikes on the market. But, we do like that Juiced raised the bar with its battery power, speed and frame material.

This is a comparison graph between Scrabler, Unimoke and Super 73 with all pricings made by Juiced bikes on Indiegogo

Jucied Scrambler Ebike

Please understand that for marketing purposes Juiced bikes are comparing Apples and Oranges here on Indiegogo. Their introduction price VS Unimoke and Super 73 regular prices. There is, however, truth in this. If you were to buy one of those, this would be the prices you would pay; since Unimoke and Super 73 do not currently run any new campaign on Indiegogo or Kickstarter

Very happy to see that Juiced higher power version Scrambler ebike is using MAC motor

mac motor from Juiced bikes

This campaign by Juiced bikes will be a total success. They are making regular weekly updates, responding to comments, and showing they are really happy about their new product performance on Indiegogo. Take a look at the latest update videos, where they talk about manufacturing phases and other relevant information for backers like speed tests etc…

We are Comicon fans, so it is very important thing to tell you that wonder woman supports Juiced ebikes!

— — Over $600K raised on INDIEGOGO! Get a Juiced Scrambler, Join the FUN from only $999!

Objavljuje Juiced Bikes u Ponedjeljak, 30. srpnja 2018.

Juiced bikes we wish you success, but it seems to us that you already got that covered.

If you want to know more about prices and news, or you just want to buy a Scrambler ebike ( Wonder Woman not included ), go to Indiegogo here

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