LMX bikes newest pedalec EBIKE prototype VIDEO

LMX bikes newest pedalec EBIKE prototype VIDEO

LMX bikes newest pedalec EBIKE prototype

LMX Bikes have been good friends of EvNerds from the site launch. We have featured them in few articles because they deserve the attention of Ebike community and Ebike addicts like ourselves. Furthermore, their products are top of the line made with limited capital.

They are not KTM bikes, but they make seriously cool electric dirtbikes.

They are not Giant, but they make awesome geometry Ebikes.

That’s why this kind of companies need to be advertised and will have their place on EvNerds as long as they stay in business. Their tremendous efforts to be one of the worlds ebike and electric dirtbike makers are uplifting and inspiring. Its the same with our electric vehicle community magazine. We are not the biggest, but we tend to tell the truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, So Help us TESLA. We are in the same position as LMX bikes on the ebike media territory. Sometimes, it pays off to have a partner like LMX bikes. This video and exclusive information about their new ebike was given to us, and not to other bigger media influencers, so thank you LMX bikes for being a true EV friend. Enough of this emotional crap, back to original story


This motor/drivetrain combo is good for 2500w peak, here running 350w peak with 10s5p Sanyo GA and programmed as a pedelec without throttle. The 1000w controller is coming. Max available is around 1200w for this kind of battery integrated control, with 65 cells battery it will make a fine speed pedelec. Exact technical properties will be known after LMX bikes officially announce the new ebike

lmx electric bicycle

In this video Adam Mercier will talk about the new LMX pedalec Ebike prototype design



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