Luna cycles new Apex Ebike

Popular Ebike store Luna cycles lunches carbon ebike Apex

Luna cycles are well operated Ebike business in the USA.

As the time goes on, the branding comes with it as well and becomes more involved in products. Bafang kits are branded Luna Kits and other ebike parts as well. This is a well-known tactic in the world of marketing, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Not long ago, a friend of mine who finished design university told me that there’s a saying in his company: ” Ah, everybody is a designer nowadays”

He spoke about products that are rebranded by companies and were not an original creation. Since originality is a product driving armor, we think it’s fair to say that stating who designed the Ebike or some other product is the main part of keeping the Integrity of new product and business.

You can easily turn off the bad mouth and say; Well, we got “inspired by one ebike” and done something similar

Pininfarina does that, small companies that build things insist on their ideas and show to the general public what is so different about their project and what inspired them to build that kind of ebike.

Back to the original story. A few days ago Luna cycles have shown on Facebook their newest creation, an ebike called Apex. We tried to get info on who is the creator, designer, engineer since this Ebike is so well designed, but we ended up with no answer at all. Well to be honest; we asked is this a Recon bike frame? The answer was: Who the f… is Recon bike anyways….

So we leave it up to you to check the pics of Luna cycles frame in all its glory, Recon ebike and Audi ebike

Luna cycles Apex ebike

Luna cycles Apex ebike

Best ebike ever…priceless.

Posted by Luna Cycle on 7. kolovoza 2017

Luna cycles Apex ebike

Posted by Luna Cycle on 29. srpnja 2017

Recon Spectre Ebike

Recon Spectre Ebike

Recon Spectre Ebike

Audi Ebike

Can we get 100 Likes & 25 Shares for this perfect e-bike. ? <3

Posted by Audi e-bike on 13. lipnja 2013

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