Mechane electric bicycle and their ecological movement

Electric bicycle ERMES is built by Italian startup company Mechane. This project aims to promote sustainable mobility through innovative electric bicycle ( ecological materials: wood instead of plastic details ). Their vision of ERMES Ebike is also a statement: “Move more with electricity”.

mechane ermes electric bicycle
ERMES electric bicycle

Appena un anno fa… questi tre parlavano ed immaginavano un viaggio, un progetto: “… ok Gianpaolo! Allora noi…

Objavljuje Mechane-em13. studenoga 2017

That is exactly what Mechane team was doing themselves. Raising awareness about personal mobility in Europe, and on a big Electric bicycle tour around the USA. In this text we will concentrate more on this ebike, rather then on the trip and tour. However, if you wish to read more about Mechane adventures in USA, just go to the end of the article and check out the video!

ermes electric bicycle 2
ERMES electric bicycle ON USA TOUR


Here are the main technical characteristics of Ermes, ebike that will travel from Miami to Venice, passing through Japan and Russia.

Aluminum frame part: single body resistant to common stresses, can also be used on dirt track. Designed to accommodate batteries and accessories inside.

Wooden frame part: light structure in laminated wood wrapping the aluminum body absorbing the vibrations. Made by hand and with eco-friendly products by professionals in the skateboard industry.

Full suspension: front fork with 200 mm travel. Rear, 200 mm travel shock absorber

Shimano brakes: hydraulic discs, 203 mm

Shimano Alfine: integrated gearbox / 11-speed hub. With transmission ratio of 409% + control with the instantaneous release, multi, and bidirectional release.

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• Full suspension
• aluminum box

• integrated display

The control computer is inserted into the Ermes chassis and can be operated by the controls on the handlebars! #Mechane…

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• Front DNM Volcano-8S 800 mm
• Rear DNM Burner RCP-2S

• from 27.5 ”
• Shwalbe Super Moto-X 2.8 “tires

Disk brakes:
• Hydraulic Shimano
• 203 mm front disc
• Rear 180 mm disc


• OliEds Motor
• max torque 80 Nm
• rated continuous power 250 W
• rated voltage 36 V


• removable from 1000 Wh / with usb port
• 60 km autonomy (maximum assistance) at 120 km (minimum assistance)

This electric bike comes with an Italian ebike motor. The OLIEDS mid-motor is the heart of “Ermes”, made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials, comes from Forlì, but for the rest, the e-bike designed by Stefano Celegato and Alessandro Cerrone has components that come from the province of Venice (the wooden frame is made by a company from Monza).

OliEds Mid-Motor for electric bicycles used by ERMES

Olieds is a new name for us. The motor is Italian made 250-watt mid-motor drive with 3.9kg weight and 80 Nm of torque

olieds electric bicycle motor
OLIEDS electric bicycle motor

The driving torque shows that the motor is designed to deliver a maximum thrust up to a cadence of 60 rpm, while maintaining a high motor output even at higher rotational speeds.
The power of a motor is calculated by multiplying the torque by the angular rotational speed. As a result, as the cadence increases, the power increases to a peak point that allows cyclists to reach their maximum riding speed (which is however limited to 25 km/h as required by law).

This is the OLIEDS SITE

Here are some of cool California, Grand Canyon shots…

"CaliforniaThen we fell into the shiny seaThe weight that drags your heart downWell, that’s what took meWhere I need…

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Ermes è giunta in California, tra imprevisti e soddisfazioni siamo riusciti ad attraversare gli States, da Miami alla prossima tappa che sarà San Francisco.

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Il nome Death Valley deriva da una frase che venne pronunciata da uno dei tanti pionieri che di lì passarono nel…

Objavljuje Mechane-em28. ožujka 2018

La Roccia del Ragno e la Donna RagnoLa Roccia del Ragno è una roccia di grandi dimensioni,’ convinzione del popolo…

Objavljuje Mechane-em12. ožujka 2018

Ermes si trova nel Grand Canyon, un viaggio che ci sta portando alla scoperta di luoghi, persone e situazioni…

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Electric Mountain Bike Network

Electric Mountain Bike Network dedica qualche minuto a Mechane-em, racconta del viaggio negli States di Ermes e di Gianpaolo Imbriani. EBike TeamOLIeds Ebike battery Masterstudio Sentier Adventure GearImbriani Non MollareZero31 – Longboard FactoryBiciclette Passione#mechane #ecologicalmovement #ermes #ecodesign #madeinitaly #ebike #wood #alloy #electricmountainbikenetwork #lifestyle

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Mechane company has really cool instagram page, check it out here

Mechane webpage

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