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New Greyp Bikes G6 Electric Bike teaser

Greyp Bikes G6 is all new electric bike from Croatia! Rimac Automobili and its sister company Greyp Bikes are showing their new product with a video teaser and new landing page on their cool website! UPDATE 18.03.2019.

greyp-bikes-g6-electric bike

G6 Electric Bike From Greyp Bikes

We can barely see what it is on the picture. It lives in the woods, looks damn cool in there and it is probably a full suspension ebike. Rimac company makes tech for high-class supercar brands, so we expect GREYP G6 to be a smart bike killer in every sense. We can see from this video that the bike is packed with some kind of dock that has built in camera or sensors, and LEDs.


The camera / sensors and small LEDs are probably used for some driving-software combinations. Greyp Bikes company hired a lot of software and smartphone software developers this year, so we are probably not far away from the truth. We can’t wait to see what this brain-camera is packing. Probably this part connects through the dock to your smartphone. The possibilities here are endless. We just want to know what they are?

We actually found an answer on Grey Bikes blog. In the last visit to Taipei Cycle Show company introduced Greyp eSTEM

Greyp eSTEM

“Greyp Bikes is not missing out on this opportunity and will offer a chance to meet its team members as well as exhibit latest technological innovation – Greyp eSTEM, the most important part of e-bike system Greyp Bikes developed from a scratch. Greyp eSTEM is a Central Intelligence Module for the bicycle that controls two cameras (front and rear), monitors riders heart rate, has a built-in gyroscope, navigation, and eSIM that allows it to be connected at all times. The e-bike system uses a mobile phone as a user interface and mobile app creates a unique user experience thanks to the various new options like a remote bike kill switch, photo acquisition, text to bike and remote power limitation.”- Greyp blog link


We expect Greyp Bikes to win over exclusive electric bike market with what they do best: Suppressing the competition with custom in-house software and ebike engineering solutions!

“The new generation of Greyp bikes will be able to exchange data between the vehicle and its mobile app. All Greyp G6 bikes will be independently connected and interconnected which is a great technological breakthrough, not to brag…” – GREYP BIKES


Smartphone app

While we were writing this, the video teaser popped up on Youtube

Greyp G6 Electric Bike Video Teaser

Be sure to check out Greyp Bikes official channels: Instagram, Facebook, and website for more upcoming information!


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