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NIREEKA CARBON E-BIKE early bid costs 799 USD!

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Nireeka CARBON E-BIKE early bid costs 799 USD!

We know what you are thinking! Oh my god, not another Indiegogo E-bike project. It is, and we absolutely love it. It’s not a viral design, and neither are the components inside the bike. The bike has all good quality bicycle parts like Xfusion Shox, Sram, Lg batteries, Cube autolight and so on.

nireeka carbon e-bike 799 usd

The Nireeka Carbon frame itself weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs), and the entire bike weighs less than 15.5 kg (35 lbs). Prepreg 3k Twill Carbon frame structure is monocoque, and it is integral structure and design feature of this e-bike with hidden battery inside. quality parts


Nireeka E-bike is not made to as a downhill bike or a record breaker!

You can ride Nireeka as a normal bike with the 10 speed Shimano gears. But the real joy comes from the 500w electric hub motor.


You can cruise smoothly through your neighborhood at up to 20 mph (32 km/h) and with the range up to 50 miles (80 km) on a single charge, Nireeka takes you further and makes your commute a wonderful experience.

Before we get into all the features of the bike, take a look at the presentation video!

THE NIREEKA E-bike is loaded with Smart features through their custom designed ECU

Purpose-Built frame with hidden battery • Built-in App (iOS, Android) • Assist mode based on heartbeat • Blind spot radar • GPS navigator • Anti-Theft system (GPS tracking) • Auto light with 3 different lighting styles

ECU and other features

nireeka smart features

Their SMART mobile up is also up to date with current market functionalities in e-bike world. Check it out:

dedicated mobile app
dedicated mobile app

They also have a thing called BLIND SPOT RADAR as an additional feature among all other Smart  features

blind spot radar

Two ultrasonic radars on the bike avoid cars and pedestrian collision. The screen turns red and shows you an alarm in case of detection of an approaching vehicle to inform you the existence of a vehicle in your blind spot.

Then there is also Anti-Theft system which prevents unauthorized access to your bike.

Buying Options

There are several buying options, and all of them are affordable for this kind of bike that has geometry adjusted for all rider sizes.

Earyl bid starts at 799 USD and this really is the lowest possible price for a fun CARBON E-bike packed with smart features and awesome mtb parts!



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