Nireeka is back with hardtail e-bike: PRIME!

Max Shojaie and his team at Nireeka are back with a new e-bike creation. New NIREEKA PRIME hardtail electric bike is not taking any suggestions from current e-bike design trends! Nireeka is one of a kind fluid shaped electric creation with mid-motor power levels that will satisfy Europeans with 250-watt regulation model and e-bikers from the USA with 1000 watts motor model. The 160 Nm of torque will speed the bike to a maximum of 60 Kph.

Prime is only available in one size which is 17″. If your height is between 5’3″ (160 cm) and 6’9″ (206 cm) and your legs length is between 28″ (71 cm) to 32½” (83 cm) the bike is perfect for you.


Nireeka had success on indiegogo with their first ebike. They admit that they learned a lot in terms of shipping and logistics from the last campaign that had ups and downs.


This time Nireeka team used their organic design forms to create one-of-a-kind ebike experience: A beautiful hardtail frame with big fatty wheels and Bafang’s best mid-motor!

We are suckers for good design, but we like the functionality as well. Wide and fat tires will give alot of suspension and with the new purposed KINEKT seatpost and STEM it will be even better: Less hardtail without compromising the design form!

You can improve your Prime’s riding quality by using this innovative suspension stem and seatpost from KINEKT. Check out their campaign HERE or order directly from their website HERE.

The default battery (10Ah 48V – 480Wh) provides 50 km (31 miles) range and the upgraded version (17Ah 48V – 816Wh) provides 80 km (50 miles) on the assist mode.


If you like to transform your Prime to a hardcore electric mountain bike, you can buy custom-designed suspension fork UPGRADE.


Then there is also a new heartbeat system that buyers will be able to order extra:

heartbeat mode

This system uses your heartbeat rate to command the motor how much torque you need. You can set your lowest rate (Where the motor starts assisting), your highest rate (Where the motor gives you 100% of torque) and also gives you a comprehensive report.

Other smart features are: Accident report system, Anti theft system etc…..

There are so many useful options and extras to choose from in this campagin. Check it out yourself on Indiegogo.

Nireeka PRIME ride video


Nireeka PRIME in numbers

design-nireeka-prime-03• Incredibly lightweight, the whole bike weighs less than 26 KG.
• Solid Monocoque Carbon fiber frame with a lifetime warranty.
• Powerful mid-drive motor with more than 160nm torque.
• Durable Li-ion LG battery.
180mm rear/160mm fr hydraulic discs brake (203mm optional).
• 10S Shimano Deore cassette.
• Speed/Torque Sensor.
Walk mode. The bike assists you when walking with the bike.


  • 10Ah 48V LG Lithium-ion battery
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Chargeable on&off the bike
  • Fast charger (optional)


  • One of the best Bafang products ( 250/1000 WATT )
  • 160nm torque enough for towing a car
  • Internal controller, torque/speed sensor

Nireeka SMART FEATURES sensors&tech:

Alarm Buzzer: High decibel alarm
Advanced daytime light: Multi-color LED
Light sensor: Automatic display and daytime light brightness dimming control
Heartbeat assist: Moderates PAS based on the heartbeat rate
Radar: Ultrasonic obstacle detector sensor
Gyroscope: A device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity
Accelerometer: Measures proper acceleration
Intelligent assist: Improves basic assist system
Tracker: To find the bike if stolen
OTA: Update over-the-air
Blanview: Better display visibility under the sunlight
Brake cut-off: Smart engine cut-off at brake detection

Check out NIREEKA CAMPAIGN on INDIEGOGO HERE. Be sure to take a look VAT charges and shipping fees that can apply based on the country where you live in.

Check out NIREEKA WEBSITE for more pictures and social media info!

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