Optibike was one of the first United States companies to introduce electric bikes to the ever-growing market. They were also pioneers in mid-drive electric bicycles. Their 10-year old emtb model is getting a little bit boring considering that we have now Haibike, Giant, Cube electric bicycles with Yamaha, Brose, Bosch electric mid-drive motors. They have noticed it also, and that is probably why Optibike introduced new renderings of their latest model:

The new Optibike Carbon Elite Series R15C

The new Optibike Carbon Elite Series R15C

The R15C is a combination of everything we have learned in the last 20 years of designing and building electric bikes and racing motocross for 20 years.

The R15C now has an ultra high capacity removable battery, which give quick access to all the wiring and controller. Maintenance is simplified as all components can be removed in less than 15 minutes.

The final version of the frames will be here this month.These bikes will be available in limited quantity in 2018.

-Full Carbon Fiber Frame
-Full Carbon Fiber Swingarm
-Removable Carbon Fiber Battery
-160mm Suspension Travel Front and Rear
-Motocross Style Progressive Rear Suspension Linkage
-2500 Watts Peak Power
-52 Volt 29 AH (1500 Watt Hour) Battery (50% larger than the old R15)
-190 Newton Meters Torque
-27.5 Inch Wheels. Up to 2.8 Inch Tires
-Road Legal as Class 2 Electric Bike in Power Level 1 and 2
-Off Road in Power Levels 3, 4 and 5

Objavljuje Optibike Electric Bicycle Company24. travnja 2018

Objavljuje Optibike Electric Bicycle Company24. travnja 2018

The Electric Bike Industry is About to Change…..againIn 2008, Optibike set the standard for the Electric Bike…

Objavljuje Optibike Electric Bicycle Company23. travnja 2018


These are the most popular Optibike models from previous years:

Objavljuje Optibike Electric Bicycle Company2. ožujka 2017

We have 7 used Elite series bikes for sale, starting at only $3995. 3 of them are being upgraded to R15's and every one…

Objavljuje Optibike Electric Bicycle Company29. rujna 2017

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