Paradox Kinetics electric bicycle 1500 watt Hermes motor


Paradox Kinetics Hermes motor production in Greece has been described in video here. We want to tell you a little more about this 1500 watt motor specifications and size.

This is one of the smallest electric bicycle mid-motor kits you can buy with 3,5 Kg weight

The retrofit high power e-bike motor and transmission, designed and built by Paradox Kinetics
The retrofit high power e-bike motor and transmission, designed and built by Paradox Kinetics

A powerful yet easy to ride motor. Ideal for all skill levels. 1500W power output gives you a thrilling off-road experience with speeds up to 50 mph

Paradox Kinetics Hermes motor

PARADOX early prototypes reveal what exactly is under their hood

early paradox hermes prototype
early Paradox Hermes prototype


Paradox kinetics is made out of outrunner motor in housing with dual stage reduction. Primary reduction is on the left side of the bike ( you cant see that one on the picture ), and the other is on the right side. The motors secondary reduction gear is connected to pedal gears, and through the chain to the rear wheel. All together this creates crazy 130 Nm on the output shaft in 3,5 Kg package. That is almost the same as QS hub motors that have up to 150 Nm.

Paradox Kinetics Hermes Kit

This is the only thing that we think Paradox Kinetics should fix on their webshop. Its impossible to find picture of battery backpack, and we see a lot of people asking some of the questions that we will answer now

  1. What are the specifications of the battery? Li-Ion 43.2V, 650Wh
  2. Where is the battery? In the backpack
paradox kinetics
Bikes with PARADOX KIT really look fantastic

What does PARADOX KINETICS say about their product?

We asked the manufacturer to give us their vision of electric bicycle kit system, and why they made it. This is what they wrote:

Hermes is an engine made in Greece from our company Paradox Kinetics. Hermes is an
electric kit that turns any bicycle into an electric bike of 1500 Watts power.
The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is not an engine to use it in the
​​or to go to work. It is an engine designed for high performance in
Downhill, Freeride, Enduro and Super Enduro bikes. It is the perfect solution for all
those who need a lift or for maximum speed on the trails.

Hermes is a motor consisted with carbon housing and connecting rods with a
total of 3.5 kg, a backpack where the battery of 3,5-4 kg. Its throttle is on the left side of the wheel that you will use when things are tilted. The bike it is not pedaled assisted, at all times the bike works like a normal bike, only when you press the throttle, the engine comes to help and helps you go up the hill.

On the terrain
Once you’re on the way, you’ll draw a smile because in minutes you’ll reach a maximum
speed of 50km/h. It has a capacity far more superior to any other E-Bike. It should be noted that the engine detects in which gear you are taking off power according to
you’re putting in gears to save battery, the engine stops completely as soon as
you block the back wheel with the brake or as soon as you stop using the throttle. The cable that connects the backpack to the bike has a quick release connector, which is easy to release in case of fall or to get on and off the bike.

Going down
The motor also disconnects when it detects that the suspension is activated in a large
impact, for example if you stop the bike the engine will turn off. Everything is focused on
helping you going uphills and downhills.

One of the great advantages of Paradox Kinetics engine is the weight of the motor. One
medium dh bike on which we mounted Hermes, weighted 14 kilos with the Paradox kit. That means that from the first minute you can enjoy the bike going down as it used to before.
The feeling of going down is 100% a bicycle. It is still your bike, the one that you know very well. Once mounted it is really compact it is smaller than what is seen in the photos and videos.
We tested Hermes at the same paths we used to go with our mtb, without any problem of
shock or instability.

For whom is the engine suitable?
This engine is a booster and the user that will love riding Hermes is mostly a DH rider or
Enduro rider. You will enjoy long days down your favorite tracks without having to rely on anyone to pick you up or having to do endless climbs.
Basically, you will have a bike park where you live. – Paradox Kinetics, manufacturer of patented ebike motors


Ofocurse we cant share all the information here, so please check Paradox Kinetics post on EvNerds here

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