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Powerfull East Coast Electric Bikes Display

East Coast Electric Bikes

Who are East Coast Electric bikes?

East Coast Electric Bikes is a shop dedicated to providing electric enduros services at competitive rates. East Coast crew serves the people of Mt Holly, NJ with commitment and pride. They also have a repair shop for Electric Enduro bikes, and they make custom ebike orders. They pride themselves with unique one-off builds and their level of customization for each built e-bike

CREW: Jonathan Gourley CEO / LEFT , Michael Borrero Co-Founder CEO, VP of Sales and Marketing, Customer Experience Specialist / RIGHT

East Coast Electric bikes make e-bikes based on customer wishes, but they also have ready-made solutions in their shop. All these bikes are high power e-bikes capable of 10Kw+ made with biggest hub motors on the market with cool specs like 50mm magnets width, 273mm size hub motors etc.. Needless to say that you have to have good skills to ride those, or you will catapult yourself on your back because of instant torque these machines produce

SLT- Cruiser Comp

With High power Ebike that has moto parts like this, you are prepared for anything on the road, and off-road

Dual Sport Model
-Power Potentials& Specs: (tunable)
•Low: 84v/150A
•High:100v/200a MAX
-Performance Potentials & Specs:
16,800W to 20,000W Max.
(All models can be down tuned to between 8&10,000W)

Standard battery has 84V/32ah, optional 44ah,48ah and 52.8ah

SLT- Xtreme Model

All East Coast electric bikes come with “gadgets” like Cycle Anylist, Moto Rims and Spokes, and high quality front mbt forks from DNM

Off Road Model
-Power Potentials& Specs: (tunable)
•Low: 84v/150A
•High:100v/200a MAX
-Performance Potentials & Specs:
16,800W to 20,000W Max.
(All models can be down tuned to between 8&10,000W)

Standard battery has 84V/32ah, optional 44ah,48ah and 52.8ah

SLT Elite Pro for Track and Street

•Street&Race Comp Model Modified (273)
-Model Name:
“SLT Elite Pro” Series (Track and Street)
-Power Potential& Specs: (tunable)
•Low: 96v/150a
-Power Potentials:
•Low: 14,400W
•High 26,000W
(All models can be down tuned to between 8&10 Kw)
Or changed to “Low Power Preferences” and tuned down to as low as 750W-1,000W via CAv3 Display!

e-bike models

e-bike models

East Coast electric bikes are also active on Instagram

You can see here all the high quality parts included in one of SLT bikes

New 2018 "SLT Pro Series" (1of2 body&frame designs) Tier2 Model: 15,-20,000 Watts, all new 2018 models (tier1-4) standard street legal lighting (headlight& taillight one piece with integrating front and rear blinkers-turn signal indicators, high and low beams, brake light and fog lights operate on single bar mount control (separate internal power supply, external recharge docking port for easy accessibility. 32,48, or 55 amp hours of run time, easy "plug-n-play" external charging for primary power supply/ battery system. Range: low & high performance- 100-300 miles based on selected battery system and tuning/power preferences calibrated. Easy 100 miles on higher performance setting, lower performance settings and speed limitation set to 35-45 mph… Range potential 150-250mile +, via using "regenerative capabilities and with larger battery system. East Coast Electric Bike Co./ ECEBike Co. Tier2 of Tier1-4

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When customers like what you are doing, this is the face you get

Delivery to my Homie in Brooklyn on his B-Day!!! J Brown!!! Happy Birthday bro, one of the fastest rides I've ever produced just a requested carbon and red anodized dressed!. Full street legal capabilities and so fast it hurt my neck doing a 2.6 sec 0-60 on Brooklyn short block while fighting the wheelie I was uncontrollably pulling the whole way!. I laid on the front end and that front tire was off the ground the while time I was on the throttle ON LOW SETTING!!!!!!! fast fast fast, have fun smoken an "R1" and/or a "Porsche" by 20 yards off the line where she will "top out" who know, not enough room in your hood to try! One of the fastest high speed "Acceleration Runs" I've ever built, ride and created beautiful ride. Happy Bday Homie

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East Coast Electric Bikes explain why would you choose them over other Ebike builders and shops, and what does East Cost Electric Bikes stand for

When people see our name East Coast Electric Bikes; They might think it’s just a generic electric bike store name but it means a lot more than that. It is a brand of bike that carries style and flavor to any kind of custom project whether it be a gas motorcycle converted to Electric, gas dirt bike transformed to E-Supermoto or our the more commonly purchased Enduro frame kits that DIY EV enthusiasts go to.

Our work cannot be compared to the common E-Bike stores that have salesman just trying to lure customers for a sale. We specifically deal with Electric Custom Enduro Bikes (ECEB) or E-Motos and definitely not just a generic store that sells mainstream E-Bikes that are already established brand names in the business of E-Bikes.

We do not sell to make money by buying high quantities of bikes that came off the assembly line but we sell to give the client or customer exactly what they want which consist of custom building a vehicle tailored to their specific needs which we will meet and exceed all expectations.

We have a passion for building these bikes for our private clients and customers no matter what kinda bike frame we are using. Our goal is to create a product that is very versatile that can cover all different areas of the market with one kind of bike at an affordable price a bike that can be ridden off-road, on the street, on bike trails etc.


If you wish to buy some high power ebikes bikes in USA, dont hesitate. Here are the contacts

Website: ECEB-NJ.COM

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