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Powerfull Electric bicycle from Scotland

By EvNerds

February 02, 2018


Electric Bicycle from Scotland

We are very excited to share this electric bicycle with you. The Quality and Design are on top of the class. The frame design can probably cope with Stealth electric bicycles in terms of proper frame geometry. Rims are moto aluminium standard with moto tyres. This bike was posted only today, so there is no more information right now

This electric bicycle is equiped with one of those 205 hub motor electric bicycles that can produce 6Kw continuous power. QS 205 motors, or QS clone motors with 50mm magnets

RINO electric bicycle in all its glory

We are introducing a new electric bike named ‘RINO’ made in Scotland by EVolution custom power bikes and it’s a blend of free rider bicycle and motocross! High-performance E-bike with unique design fully customizable for you! Available soon for orders! – EVolution Power Bikes

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