Michael Blast Greaser e bike from Lovett industries is a BLAST! We reviewed the 36-volt Greaser version, took it for a 3 weeks spin around the countryside and the city.


Greaser Electric Bike Introduction

First of all, we are fans of vintage electric bikes and we are also fans of Board Trackers. Hub motors have made it easy to reuse existing old-school bicycle and motorcycle frames and to create vintage E-machines with a new life! For DIY bicycle and motorcycle makers, this is a dream come true.

Image by Marko Bettini from EvNerds

But, not everybody is up to a task to convert bike to e bike, or old cafe racer frame to an electric one. Bicycles from Lovett industries like Greaser feature good mid-range price, aluminum 6061 frame and lightweight easy-to-handle bicycle experience. Greaser e bikes are still a “THING”, so we decided to take a closer look at the quality and performance!

“Greaser on the road”
Photo by Marko Bettini


Michael Blast Greaser is an electric bike designed in 2017. for streets and urban city spots. Almost like a fashion piece, it looks good while driving in torn shirt and pants as well as in a business suit. This might be one of the reasons that Greaser e bike won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD couple of months ago.

good design award

Greaser 36v E Bike Technical Specifications and Performance

Kenda tires tread – Photo by Marko Bettini

Our particular silver e bike was fitted with 26’x 3.0 Kenda fat bike tires, but depending on the color you may also get DURO Beach Bum 26’x 3.00 tires. Both tires are great for urban driving and act as the only suspension for this rigid hard-tail machine ( Almost forgot to mention that seat has a small spring suspension too ). It is easy to handle and cut through hard corners!

Photo by Marko Bettini

The e bike gives you that “cafe racer feeling” because the riding position is like on the old vintage bikes; Your knees are closer to the body. When you get used to it ( 15 minutes ) you are going to love it! The battery plastic box covers are pretty wide and do not cause any problems when pedaling. Bumpy terrain is not a place where Greaser feels most comfortable. Still, some small street bumps are easy to go over and nothing will happen if you hit bigger ones but we advise not to overdo it.


This is a street machine, and treat it like that! 100 Kg rider weight was nothing for the 6061 Aluminum frame, so feel free to stop by McDonald and get more fat!

Photo by Marko Bettini


GREASER Electric Bicycle, Charger, Owner’s Manual, Pair of Pedals


Motor  250/500 Watt Model – BAFANG 250/500W – Geared Brushless Rear Hub Electric Motor 


250 Watt Model – Samsung™ Lithium-Ion 36volt 13ah

500 Watt Model – Samsung™ Lithium-Ion 48volt 14.5ah   


250 Watt Model – 25km/h

500 Watt Model – 40+km/h   

Range  250/500 Watt Model – 50+km*  

Propulsion  250 Watt Model – Pedal assist 500 Watt Model – Pedal assist with thumb throttle   

Controller  Control freak 18ah  

Trip Computer  LCD 5 speed display  

Certification  250 Watt Model EN15194 safety/compliance *500 Watt Model Classed as Non Road Vehicle (Private Use ONLY)  

Weight  250 Watt Model – 28kg inc battery 500 Watt Model – 29kg inc battery   

Electric Bike Frame  A6061 Aluminum Tig welded  

Fork  Double Down Chromoly / CNC 6061 crown set  

Gears  5 speed electric motor assist with 7 speed Shimano Acera- MF-TZ31 7sp 14-34 Mega-range Multi Freewheel Cassette

– ProWheel Solid Crankset 46t  

Brakes  Tektro Hydraulic Auriga (180mm front / 160mm rear)  

Front Wheel Hub  Joytech Aluminium  

Stem + Handle bar  Promax Aluminium  

Wheels and Tyres  DURO Beach Bum 26’x 3.00  

Warranty  5 years on frame, 1 year on electrical components

5 years warranty on the frame? They are made in China ( But not the Walmart China ), take a look at the welds. Flawless!greaser-e-bike-welds

The Greaser line uses Bafang’s geared hub motor that is not hard on the wheel’s weight as well as large-capacity batteries to ride long distances. That said, do not worry about bending or braking spokes!

Bafang geared hub motor with Tektro brakes

Bafang motor doesn’t get too hot if abused for a long time driving at this e bikes power peak! It gets a little bit warm, but that is nothing to be worried about.

Bafang 5 speed motor assist with 7 speed Shimano Acera

Greaser uses a removable battery with a controller fixed on the frame and covered by Greaser branded plastic housings. Under the hood, depending on the 36 or 48v version there are 468 Wh or 696 Wh Samsung batteries inside. And if 468 or 696 Wh isn’t enough battery for you, the frame space is big enough for an external DIY battery. The frame is asking for customization’s, and so it was used for custom projects that we wrote before in this articles:

Super 73 ebike and Greaser ebikes by DAYTONJAXX company

Custom Cruiser E-bikes by Innovative French Cycle lover

Greaser plastic covers finish the design perfectly

Greaser E Bike Speed

Specifications say that 36v 250 Watt Model that we tested speeds up to 25 km/h in Europe. To our surprise using throttle the bike speeds up to 35 Km/h. Since the 7 speed Shimano setup allows us to use pedals on 35 Km/h, we have been able to get the speed up to 39 Km/h with 100 Kg rider. While the 48v 500 Watt version offers more power to reach 40 km/h, in reality it probably offers even more speed like the younger 36v brother. We will include 48v version in video test that we plan to film in a month; and will come back here with a definitive answer about speed. Riding hard with pedalec option gives you about 45 Km Range. Going 25 Km/h will give you around 55 Km of range.

Headlight grill update

The light beam that vintage headlight produces is very good and clears the night out of the road very nicely.

Greaser Night Ride
greaser electric bike seat
Comfortable seat with that “old school” noise from the spring suspension!

Greaser hidden secret


One of the reasons why Greaser felt cool while cursing down the street lines is because of sound that it produces. E bike with hub motor sound?

Michael Blast Greaser "BOOM BOX"
Michael Blast Greaser “BOOM BOX”

Yes, the battery box resonates through the aluminum frame to the plastic battery box and amplifies this deep motor sound. We will record this very cool electric engine sound on Youtube in our video review.

Marko Bettini from EvNerds after 40 Km on Greaser taking a selife cause everybody is doing it!

The only two thing we missed at this e bike are:

1. The ease of removing the battery and taking it home for charging. Sincere explanation sent by Michael Blast team:

“One of our biggest hurdles where compromise was unavoidable was with our removable battery case. Although the battery case is technically removable for maintenance, the cost to put production in place for a smooth battery removable turned out to be more expensive then we had originally intended. In order to keep with our original brief of designing a bike that was Affordable we made the decision to stay focused on Design + Affordable pricing.”

2. Since pedalec e bikes use a sensor that is not as fast as your braking reaction, it will take two seconds extra until the motor cuts off and by then you are already braking! If there was a button for a cut off under the brake leveler, you would get an instant motor cut off that we like to put on all our e bikes. This is a 2 dollar hack, so you might as well make it yourself!

Greaser E Bike Price

There are many distributors of Greaser e bike, and the price range is quite different. You can get 36v version from 2400 USD on Amazon, or from one of the distributors on Michael Blast list here. Ours was bought at City Coco Croatia ( they export the bike as well ) so you can check them out here. This is not an ad for City Coco Croatia, if you find better price in Europe for the same bike please put it in comment section. We did not get into all the colors and upgrade options that are available from the Blast team, so find them here.


If you are a fan of total comfort, and different sitting position, there is always Vacay E bike:

Objavljuje Michael Blast FactoryČetvrtak, 12. rujna 2019.

For the end, we will quote the makers as we agree with them:

‘We will be known forever by the tracks that we leave’-MB 

“The GREASER is a reminder that history has left us with some incredibly inspiring designs, that still to this day can have such a huge impact on our lives and those we share these designs with.
Seducing lovers of old cars, fashion icons, celebrities and everyone in-between.
We hope our soulful tribute to one of histories finest’s designs inspires you to also,
 ‘Leave a Legacy’…”

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